May 25, 2001

Roslow Research Group has just released the results of its Spring 2001 Hispanic Internet Usage study. Some highlights:

1 - 43% of Hispanics 16 years of age and over have used the Internet in the past 30 days.

2 - On average, 39% of one's time online is spent using in Spanish, 61% in English. Seven months ago, this ratio stood at 30% in Spanish/70% in English.

3 - Based on RRG's Site Usage Scores*, the most-used Hispanic Sites are ...,,

4 - StarMedia scores well as a favorite among those who have visited: Among users who had visited StarMedia, 31% rated the site as "one of my favorites" ...tying Yahoo en Español for #1 rank. Closely trailing these two leaders on the "Site Appeal Scores" were, Univision and LaMusica.

The RRG Hispanic Internet Usage Study is based on random telephone interviews with 600 Hispanic Internet users, 16 years of age and over. Interviewing was completed in March 2001.

For more information at

*Calculated as follows: [(% visiting site) x (avg. # of visits per month) x (avg. # of minutes per visit)] ÷ 60

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