September 09, 2001

Galavisión launched Mi Casita, a original U.S.-produced program designed to entertain young Hispanic children and empower them with real life skills and knowledge. Mi Casita will be cablecast Monday through Sunday from 10:30 to 11:00 AM EST/PT. The new edutainment program will be added to Galamiguitos, the network's highly successful block of programming for children.

Mi Casita (which means my little house) is a half-hour program starring Lulu, a lovable five-year old girl and her teddy bear Benjamin. Every day Lulu comes home from school to play in her backyard playhouse she calls Mi Casita. From her Casita's kitchen, craft area or kitchen Lulu creates fun and educational "how-to" activities and songs for her T.V. friends at home.

"We are proud to be able to offer our community a high-quality children's production like Mi Casita," said Lucia Ballas-Traynor, General Manager. "Mi Casita uses songs, dance and pretend play to convey important messages about health, nutrition, social skills and self-esteem at an age when kids' are most receptive. The show's educational content also helps Hispanic moms by giving their kids a jumpstart on school."

Mi Casita offers English-speaking children a window to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. By using words in English and Spanish, the show encourages kids to be bi-lingual.

The show begins with Lulu and her teddy bear Benjamin singing, dancing and prompting their audience to get up from their couches to do the same. Once powered up, Lulu and Benjamin make their way to the kitchen where they show their T.V. friends how to make a snack. Benjamin is anxious to learn about what Lulu did in school that day. They peek into Lulu's backpack, and play an educational game with surprises that she's brought from her classroom.

During each show Lulu and Benjamin watch the letter balloon arrive with the letter of the day. Lulu puts on a puppet show with twin rabbits, Juan and John, who each say words in Spanish and English utilizing the letter of the day. When her dream closet pops open, Lulu knows its time to dress up as someone that she can be when she grows up. She sings: "Yo puedo ser todo lo que quiera cuando sea grande. (I can be anything I want to be when I grow up.)"

Lulu then takes a call-in request from one of her T.V. friends for making an arts and crafts project. Lulu gives step-by-step instructions that everyone can do at home. She then goes into her garden and shows her T.V. friends how to plant herbs. When mom calls, Lulu knows that it's time to go back into her real house. Before saying goodbye, Lulu leaves Benjamin and her fans with a special song just for them.

Next year, Mi Casita will have a companion Website on the Internet so children, parents and teachers can participate in its interactive world. All of the activities on the television series will also be available on video for children to do at home or at school with the help of an adult. Lulu and Benjamin will also meet their fans next year across the country in selected markets with their own traveling Mi Casita stage show. Related consumer products will be introduced in 2002.

Mi Casita was created and produced exclusively for Galavisión by Richard Goldsmith, a leading figure in family entertainment. Goldsmith has brought television series like The Big Comfy Couch and Humphrey to PBS and Galavisión and feature films like Jack Frost to the big screen. The music for Mi Casita was created by musician Jeff Berry.

Lulu and Benjamin

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