February 28, 2001

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America recently honored Sacramento's KUVS-TV, Channel 19, with a Crystal Award for outstanding performance, selecting the Univision broadcaster as one of 41 stations out of 487 monitored throughout the United States for commitment to airing anti-drug advertisements.

Running a monthly average of more than 40 anti-drug ads each month, the Spanish-language station was counted among the top donors of free airtime in the country. The Partnership relies heavily on this donated airtime to blunt the appeal of drug use among young people through high-impact advertising campaigns.

"As the only real voice that the Latino community has for information, we feel very strongly about our commitment to this campaign," said KUVS General Manager Jorge Delgado.

"In the case of KUVS, the amount of donated airtime allows the campaign to achieve its intended potential," said Teri Christensen, regional manager of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

"We are truly grateful for the extraordinary support of stations such as KUVS in Sacramento," Christensen said. "We know from our research that when our advertising messages run heavily, anti-drug attitudes are strengthened. Thanks to Univision and KUVS, we are reaching more youth and parents than ever before in California's Central Valley."

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a nonprofit coalition of professionals from the communications industry, whose mission is to reduce demand for illegal drugs in America. Through its national anti-drug advertising campaign and other forms of media communication, the Partnership works to decrease demand for drugs by changing societal attitudes that support, tolerate or condone drug use.

Top U.S. advertising agencies create Partnership messages pro-bono; research firms donate information services; talent unions permit their members to work for free; production professionals bring Partnership messages to life; a network of advertising professionals distribute the group's work to national and local media; public relations firms lend services to various Partnership projects; and media companies donate valuable broadcast time and print space to deliver Partnership messages to millions of Americans.

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