April 29, 2001

Galavisión's approach of targeting Hispanic youth with signature bi-cultural programs mostly in English and Spanglish--has attracted new viewers from general market television and has transformed Galavisión into the youngest skewing Hispanic television network in the U.S.

These new Hispanic viewers--Latino youth who had previously watched little Hispanic television--have significantly changed Galavisión's audience composition making Galavisión's viewers the youngest of all the Hispanic television networks. In 1996, Galavision's audience composition was predominantly over 35 while today 65% of the viewers are between the ages of 2-34.

Nielsen Media Research "N Power" research tool revealed that 50 to 72 percent of persons 12-24 who are viewers of Galavisión's bilingual programming are migrating from the general market, or they are tuning in from "set off" to watch Galavisión's bicultural youth programming block .

Galavisión's Unique Programming Targets Hispanic Youth

Last year, Galavisión revolutionized Hispanic television by introducing shows in English and Spanglish that target Hispanic youth, a demographic segment largely underserved by Hispanic television. Sixty per cent of today's young urban Latinos are born in the U.S., and the majority (78%) to foreign-born parents so they are comfortable in two cultures and two languages.

The bicultural youth programs -- Galascene, VideoMix, Con Cierta Intimidad, Al Desnudo and Que Locos --have content that reflects the unique lifestyle, attitudes and mindset of these bilingual and bicultural urban youth.

"Hispanic youth has a clearly different value system and mindset from Anglo youth." They navigate comfortably between two cultures and two languages. They even speak their own unique language, Spanglish,"says Lucia Ballas-Traynor, General Manager of Galavisión. "And although they function perfectly in mainstream America, they don't want to lose their Hispanic identity."

"In terms of attitudes, U.S.-born Hispanic youth is different from the rest of the Hispanic market. They fall into a distinct category of their own. But the youth niche is often lumped together with the rest of the US Hispanic market -- which is mostly Spanish-dominant and foreign-born," added Ms. Ballas-Traynor.

Fastest Growing Youth Segment

Hispanics make up the fastest growing youth segment in the U.S. Recognizing the opportunity in targeting this group, Galavisión was the first Hispanic network to develop bicultural prime time programming specifically aimed at attracting U.S. born Hispanics who are much younger (median age is 19) than foreign born Hispanics (median age is 36 years). "These are Latino youth that are light Spanish language television viewers," says Ballas-Traynor. "We are capturing them when they are young and enticing them to watch our youth, sports and variety programs."

Hispanics under 35 represent 63 percent of the total U.S. Hispanic population, according to Census 2000. Hispanic youth (under age 18) will grow by more than 25 percent during this decade and become the largest ethnic youth population in five years, accounting for 17 percent of all those under age 18 and 45 percent of all minority minors in the U.S. In high-density Hispanic markets like Los Angeles, Hispanics under 20 represent 58 percent of all Los Angeles youth in that age group.

A Renewed Commitment to the Bicultural Youth Block

This year, Galavisión is renewing its commitment to youth block programming in its 2001-2002 up-front presentations. As the network learns more about this segment it is constantly changing and improving the shows' content to reflect the needs of the audience.

Galascene is a weekly, half-hour bilingual program focusing on the lifestyles and interests of today's young urban latinos. Shot on location primarily in New York City, Galascene this year premiered the Scene Team, the four Hispanic reporters that cover the world of funk, hip hop, alternative and underground urban experiences.

VideoMix con Mike Robles is a weekly, hour-long music video program hosted by comedian Mike Robles and co-hosted by young, renowned Latino talent from the music, sports or fashion industries. The bilingual program features the best of today's hot Latin tracks, hip-hop and R&B music and is shot on location in key Hispanic cities across the country.

Con Cierta Intimidad is a weekly one-hour musical program that showcases popular Latin recording stars performing their best songs in an intimate setting. The program, similar to MTV's Unplugged series, is taped in a small studio before a live audience and is designed to feel as though the concert is taking place in their living room.

Al Desnudo is a half hour, reality-based investigative program that focuses on issues that affect young Latinos. The show, shot in cinema verité style, follows the main character who faces a challenge and presents the story from his or her intimate perspective

Que Locos is a weekly hour-long English language show featuring the funniest and the best Latino stand-up comedians. Hosted by Mike Robles, Que Locos is co-hosted by a top Hispanic or non-Hispanic comedian at popular comedy clubs in key Hispanic cities. Que Locos also features a Latin musical guest every week.

For more information at http://www.galavision.com.

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