March 07, 2008 is proud to announce the launch of our own blog that will help us all add to the on-going conversation between professionals that have much to contribute towards elevating the discussion on the importance, the nuances, the complexity and the direction of our US Hispanic advertising Industry.

You will enjoy the continuous writing and thoughts of individuals such as:

- Jose Cancela — Hispanic USA (Industry)
- Manny Gonzalez - abece (Agency & Industry)
- Isabella Sanchez — Tapestry (Media Planning & Buying & Industry)
- Carlos Santiago - Santiago Solutions (Industry Trends & ROI)
- Carmen Sepulveda — Act-2 Marketing (Social & Political issues)
- Federico Traeger —Lopez Negrete Communications (Creative & Industry)
- and other guest bloggers

Each blogger and each of you can add to the open and unrestricted discussion.

The importance of open and frank discussions only helps us better understand our Industry and take it to the next level.

We hope you join us in elevating the discussion.


Great idea, I can't wait for debates to start. In fact, I'll begin with one right now, can anyone please explain why Hispanic Research Companies and Hispanic Agencies find segmentation studies so important/useful? We now have a new recently released segmentation study, which I'm sure is quite advanced, with new segments defining the Hispanic market. And I'm sure that AHAA's Latino Identity project will come up with some segments of their own. What gives? I wouldn't use any of this public information in a new business pitch, everyone else has it. I can think of other research studies that would really benefit the Hispanic industry, for example, how do Hispanic consumers adapt in recessionary economies. looking forward to a great debate.

I am so excited to see this new space to collaborate. Let the sharing begin

This is a great idea and we can all benefit from sharing experiences and issues that affect our industry.

What a great idea. I look forward to your posts.

Ok cuando comenzamos? Ya tengo muchas ganas de bloggear sobre el estado de nuestra industria. Felicitaciones, pero preparense para una verborrea de ideas y comentarios.

Por Fin...Web 2.0...Gene congrats on a great idea...looking forward to sharing ideas.

I will jump into the discussion by answering El Mico's question. The Hispanic market is maturing to the tune of one trillion dollars in just two years. The sheer size and the fact that Hispanics are assimilating into the general market DNA makes it less likely to shrink significantly in an economic downturn. Paradoxically Hispanics families are more vulnerable during a recession. The horizontal makeup of the Hispanic market made up mostly of a lower middle class and poverty income bracket cuts back on the luxury items. Viewed from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the cutbacks start to erode the small safety cushion the family might have saved or enjoyed through their lifestyle. So there go the vacations, the eating out, the fashionable dress, and the timely payment of bills damaging the credit rating. If the family was living at the safety level those necessary services get dropped such as auto insurance, mortgage cancelation insurance, life insurance, and the like. Another paradox among Hispanics is that spending in commodities and vices such as alcohol remain the same or even increase. It means more carne asada at home on weekends a ritual of first generation hearth builders.

Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Muy buena suerte ...

Great to see a cool blog like this come to life. I look forward reading and commenting on issues in the business we work in. Thanks for making this great site come alive. Saludos :)

Congrats Gene! This is a great idea. I hope I can contribute in the future. I'll reserve comment on El Mico's comment on the segmentation studies since as you might expect, having been doing Hispanic research for almost 30 years my opinion is biased toward ours. Except, I will say that we still find then useful for many clients especially if they are relatively new to Hispanic marketing. Although I tend to recommend a keep it relatively simple approach so as not too overwhelm them.

Nice picture Gene! Very Glamour Shots-esque. I say the first part of this entry somewhat tongue-in-cheek but I do consider this to be an issue worth addressing. Let's just say that I would like to offer my editing services to the publisher of the NAD Hispanic Segmentation Study. Good-ness, how can those of us in the Hispanic Marketing World expect to be taken seriously when there are typos on the first page of a highly touted study? It takes the focus off of the important content and places doubt about the competence of those practicing in the industry. It's been an issue for years and more forgivable in the past. Today, when you are competing with large and highly sophisticated Ad Agencies, it is extremely important to be as buttoned up as they are. The expectations of the Marketing Executives we are trying to influence in the General Market realm are very high and, as we all know, it is difficult enough to convince them to invest in the Hispanic Market without adding doubt and criticism about the small stuff. Maybe I'm making too big of a deal about this but I think it's important.

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