June 25, 2013

This Fall Florida State University offers the following Hispanic and Multicultural marketing online courses:

Hispanic Marketing Communication - Undergraduate

Multicultural Marketing Communication - Undergraduate

Account Planning (with multicultural emphasis) - Graduate 

These courses are open to anyone in the United States or internationally. The undergraduate courses can be taken by anyone with an interest in the subject. The graduate course requires that the student has completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline.

These courses can be taken by themselves or can be taken as part of our undergraduate> and graduate> certificates in Multicultural Marketing Communication. The courses are part of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, founded by Dr. Felipe Korzenny.

To apply and for more information please contact:

Anthony McDonald

850 645 9486
The courses start the last week in August and end the first week in December.  They are asynchronous so the student can take the courses at their own pace. Discussion boards online create ample opportunities for learning, besides the assignments and readings. If interested apply now because enrollment is limited and it takes about three weeks to get registered.

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