April 15, 2020

Estrella Media added a one-hour special report entitled “El Informativo” to the show, which airs on the Don Cheto Radio Network throughout the country on Estrella’s radio stations and affiliates. The new radio segment is a fresh, relaxed, and bold newscast with the most important information emerging from the United States, Mexico and the world regarding COVID-19. It will air Monday through Friday at 11AM/1PM CT.

“This program was developed as part of Estrella Media’s ongoing efforts to continue being a hub of reliable information for our Latino audience. It is meant to keep our community informed of what is happening in regards to this pandemic, which has had an adverse impact on the communities we serve. The show is comprised of several detailed segments aimed at informing and conveying trust, hope and optimism, without generating or causing unnecessary panic among our radio listeners,” stated Eddie Leon, EVP, Radio Programming at Estrella Media.

“El Informativo” is a platform for specialists, experts, and the general public to share information and opinions and the latest official developments and updates regarding the ongoing pandemic in a way that’s easy to understand and navigate. Reporters in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and various parts of the country have joined this new effort hosted by a group of recognized radio and television personalities, whose voices are renowned in and respected by the Latino community and with whom they identify:

* Don Cheto, Estrella’s widely known radio and television personality, is the main host who serves as a moderator and light-hearted, trusted voice during the news discussions.

* Pepe Garza, another one of the most recognized personalities in Spanish-language radio and television, offers his bold, frank and upfront opinions, which help generate debate and discussion.

* Giselle Bravo, co-host of “Don Cheto al Aire,” is the voice of reason that always looks for the good side of any negative situation; she motivates radio listeners with her well-known optimism and positive attitude.

* Said Garcia Solis serves as the journalist who provides the hard data and accurate, reliable, factual and objective information. He is the journalistic voice of the show that always gives radio listeners something to think about.


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