August 03, 2018

   Puerto Rico is back, baby ...


It has been 10 months since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the U.S. commonwealth, resulting in widespread devastation including long-term power outages and the silencing of many radio and TV stations, as their facilities were heavily damaged.

Today, much of Puerto Rico has recovered, and Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) is ready to welcome back local and national advertisers with a wholesale refresh of its four FMs serving the island.

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, EVP/Programming Jesus Salas shares why the end of one longtime brand and the introduction of a new music-intensive choice for metro San Juan couldn't come at a better time. He also discusses how local influencers are leading to a refresh of a cadena that's already top-ranked in its target demo, and how politics and the need to talk will soon reshape a station best-known for its traditional salsa hits.

To listen to podcast, CLICK HERE.



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