January 12, 2018

Azteca America renews its afternoon programming block with the premiere of “El Club de Eva”, a television magazine show that helps viewers improve their quality of life through advice, information, and discussions, and “Entre Correr y Vivir” action series starring Vadhir Derbez that pays homage to Ricardo and Pedro Rodríguez, widely regarded as the best Mexican Formula One drivers in the 1970s.

Produced by Diógenes Lluberes, “El Club de Eva”, is hosted by Verónica del Castillo, Anette Cuburu, Laura G, and Esmeralda Ugalde, four very different women with distinct world views who will make this the most enjoyable, informative, and dynamic program of its kind on television.

This new show creates a space for viewers to see interviews with renowned experts covering a wide variety of topics: everything from education to cooking; sexuality to spirituality; family life to career development.

Drawing from her accomplished career in journalism, Verónica del Castillo will keep viewers informed of current events taking place around the world while maintaining a sense of connection with the audience.

For her part, Anette Cuburu will share her daily routine, which has allowed her to become a “multifunctional mom.”  Her routine includes her professional life which on “El Club de Eva” involves her interviewing different celebrities and entertainment figures.

Similarly, Laura G is not only a host, but a modern mother – active and practical.  Laura will be in charge of providing tips to help viewers organize their day and achieve a good work/ life balance.

Finally, Esmeralda Ugalde is a young, independent woman who understands the importance of sharing knowledge.  She will pass on diet and exercise tips so that women viewers will be able to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Following “El Club de Eva” is the series “Entre Correr y Vivir” which centers on the life of Rodrigo Hernández (Vadhir Derbez), a driver who risks his life racing in the world of clandestine auto races in order to pay for his sister’s medical treatments.

Rodrigo is the most daring driver that the streets have seen in a long time and soon Guillermo Aldana hears of his reputation.  Aldana, himself a driver for (and heir to) EscuderíaAldana, is looking for a teammate who can take him to the Formula V8 victory podium.

Through Darío Valdini, head of the Escudería Aldana team, Rodrigo and Guillermo cross paths beginning a rivalry marked by envy, differing social classes, excess, love, hatred, and danger, until Rodrigo almost loses everything in the passionate race that is life.

“Entre Correr y Vivir” is a two-season High Definition (HD) super series.  Both seasons run twenty episodes each and were directed by Raúl Quintanilla and features the performances of Vadhir Derbez, Diego Amozurrutia and Alejandro Camacho.


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