July 15, 2014

Al Día and KXTX Telemundo 39 announced a partnership to better serve Spanish-speaking audiences in North Texas. The joint venture, which began July 1, will include news, marketing, promotions and events.
“The alliance between Al Día and Telemundo 39 will allow greater breadth of news coverage across all platforms, including print, online, mobile and broadcast,” said Penni Barton, publisher of Al Día.
As part of the cooperative news efforts, Al Día and Telemundo 39, will share local news and collaborate on joint news projects. Telemundo 39 will preview Al Día’s top news stories every Tuesday and Friday evening on “Noticiero Telemundo 39” at 10 p.m. CT. Additionally, Al Día’s staff will frequently contribute to Telemundo 39 for sports and entertainment coverage.
“We’re excited about the new collaboration between Telemundo 39 and Al Día. Two powerful media entities that are joining forces to provide in-depth coverage and exclusive content to our local Hispanic community in North Texas.” said John Treviño, President and General Manager of Telemundo 39.

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