January 08, 2019

Cinelatino will air the exclusive U.S. television premiere of the suspenseful Cuban police drama Cuatro Estaciones en la Habana (“Four Seasons in Havana”) on Monday, January 7, at 12:00am ET / 9:00pm PT, with new episodes airing every Monday at midnight following the series premiere.

Based on the award-winning and internationally acclaimed novels by Leonardo Padura, the four-part “Caribbean Noir” mini-series follows detective Mario Conde as he seeks justice in the run-down city of Havana, Cuba in the late 1990s. Despite the city’s lack of resources and the constant threat of corruption, the detective finds a way to help the big-hearted citizens who reside in the beautifully antiquated city and seeks true love along the way. Jorge Perugorria and Juana Acosta star in the Cuban series.

"Cuatro Estaciones el la Habana is a stunning portrait of a noir police thriller set against the colorful yet gritty backdrop of Havana, offering viewers a compelling inside look into the homes and streets of the city and the minds and hearts of its people. The atmosphere reflects the rich contradiction within detective Conde himself as he investigates a series of complicated cases and we are confident audiences will gravitate towards the enthralling and brilliantly crafted mini-series,” said James M. McNamara, Vice Chairman of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., Cinelatino’s parent company.


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