September 12, 2013

Discovery en Español celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by showcasing the spirit of achievement and determination shared by Hispanics who immigrate to the United States in search of a better future.
With an eye toward the now-postponed debate on immigration reform in Congress, Discovery en Español will feature original productions focusing on this topic and the determination of the Hispanics who decide to risk everything to seek a better future in the United States.
These documentaries, made by Hispanics for Hispanics, will air Sundays at 10PM E/P.  Featured titles include:
La ruta de la muerte – Sunday, September 15

In this original production, Discovery en Español follows a group of migrants as they travel across Mexico along one of the most dangerous routes in the world to pursue the dream of finding a better life in the United States.
Objetivo: el norte – Sunday, September 22  

The Emmy-nominated original production Objetivo: el norte travels to the Arizona desert to tell the story of two young people who follow their family tradition of making the treacherous journey across the US-Mexico border.  The program features an interview with a “coyote” about the trafficking in human lives as well as the views of opponents who see immigrants as invaders taking away jobs that belong to American workers.
Deportados – Sunday, September 29

With exclusive access to the South Texas detention center, Deportados presents the true stories of illegal immigrants waiting to be deported from the United States.  This one-hour special also documents immigration raids and the activities of Border Patrol and immigration agents.
Viviendo en las sombras – Sunday, October 6  

This original production profiles the lives of illegal immigrants who live clandestinely in fear of being deported while doing their best to raise their children and continuing to dream of a better future.  Viviendo en las sombras also presents interviews with the lawmakers and community leaders who are a crucial part of the debate about immigration


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