September 05, 2013

In September, Utilísima brings viewers the art of making pizzas with the series premiere of “PIZZA A LA DONATO” featuring Chef Donato Di Santis. Utilísima will also air the fourth season of “TIENDA DE DISEÑO” hosted by Maggie Hegyi, and special programming to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.
Chef Donato will teach pizza lovers the art of preparation, cooking and kneading on “PIZZA A LA DONATO,” beginning Friday, September 13 at 11 pm ET/PT and run for 13 episodes. Throughout each 30-minute episodes, Donato shares his dough secrets to make basic pizzas with different flours enriched with classic Italian flavors. Through easy-to-follow directions, Donato kneads vegetarian pizzas, stuffed pizzas like calzones, white pizzas without sauce, bread sticks, and even sweet pizzas for dessert lovers. To prepare a delicious pizza “a la Donato,” viewers don’t have to be experts, but will soon learn about stuffed breads with different flavors, focaccia breads and assorted sauces and flavors.
Fans of “TIENDA DE DISEÑO” will be very excited to tune in to a fourth season starting September 9 at 2:00pm ET/PT and continuing Monday-Friday. During each 30-minute episode, Maggie Hegyi and her talented group of designers teach viewers creative, original and diverse techniques to decorate the home and transform each room using simple materials. The designers also show viewers how to turn old cabinets into unique objects. Also, two designers are put to the challenge to use their individual style to craft two identical pieces of furniture for different uses. Hegyi and her team of specialists also focus on exterior design by building furniture, objects and walls for the garden, balcony and terrace. The show will also have 10 special programs where all the projects are made out of the material for the day, such as glass bottles, water bottles, pallet wood, etc.
Lastly, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, Utilísima will air special programming to showcase traditional Hispanic recipes. Viewers will learn how to cook traditional Mexican tacos from to classic melted cheese and Guatemalan loroco, to Chilean arvejado chicken, to many more mouth-watering dishes. The programming will air each Sunday starting September 15 at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT, with fan-favorite episodes of, “PURO CHEF,” “CHRIS QUICK,” “PERU FUSION,” “LA PASTELERIA,” “SABORES DE FAMILIA” and “EL TOQUE DE AQUILES.”

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