Latinos, one of the largest growing population segments in the United States, present special challenges to survey researchers. In addition to posing the same difficulties inherent to polling any small group, Latinos also comprise subgroups representing different countries of origin. Some Latinos have lived in the United States for several generations while others have only just arrived, and the ability to speak English and Spanish varies widely. Along with other cultural and demographic attributes unique to this group, such considerations require researchers to be particularly meticulous when attaining representative samples of the Latino population…

Race question on census form US census Some other raceWhat is your race? The U.S. Census Bureau asks this question of every U.S. household, but the menu of options offered may feel limiting to some.

The fact is, many of us spend an egregious amount of time using social media (sharing tweets, commenting on FB posts, etc.). We lose ourselves in our ever updating feeds. The more curious among us even try to quantify the hours and minutes spent on social networking each day. But I’ve often wondered: What is our behavior post-click, when we actually interact with a link one of our friends shared socially?

Whether you’re launching a new business or wondering why your existing company isn’t performing as well as predicted, longtime corporate executive Larry Katzen suggests taking a careful look at your business plan.

Some information I recently read in a very interesting article by Colin Ho made me take a new look at what we call “barriers” in connecting brands with consumers.  The article included information on how consumers tend to gravitate towards negative information in a stronger way than to positive. It explains that we are hardwired to pay attention to negative information and less so to positive information.   By: Enrique R. Turégano - alPunto Advertising Inc.

Advertising will continue to strengthen over the next three years, with global advertising spend growth forecast to rise from 3.9% in 2013 to 5.5% in 2014. Growth is then set to increase to 5.8% in 2015 and 6.1% in 2016. This growth will be driven by improvement in the global economy, the spread of programmatic buying, and the rapid rise of mobile advertising.

Viacom International Media Networks has named former Telemundo programming exec Maria Iregui as brand manager and senior VP of programming and production for MTV Latin America and Tr3s. is proud to announce the Judges for the 2014 Hispanic Account Planning Excelencia (HAPE) Awards competition. The awards will be bestowed during the 3rd Annual U.S.H. Idea Awards at Association of Hispanic Advertising Agency (AHAA) Annual Conference in Miami, FL in April 2014.

This is an exciting year for the HAPE Awards, we changed the rules, change the categories and expanded the scope and experience of the Judges to fit the ever changing needs of our competition for analysis, creation, implementation of Insights and the process of Account Planning in the US Hispanic Market.   

AHAA will be creating a series of webinars dedicated to the winners of the 2014 HAPE Awards.

We have learned through the ColectivaLatina community of influencers what she buys, how much she spends, how often she shops and whom she takes with her is very different.

Consumer viewing of TV programming and movies over the Internet is growing, according to a new survey released today by Accenture. The demand for more devices and more online content, as well as consumers’ willingness to pay for better access to content, is reshaping the media and entertainment landscape.

The report provides a year in review of the major shifts in digital consumer behavior that occurred in various online sectors, including mobile, social media, video, advertising, search and e-commerce. Furthermore, it examines what insights can be gathered from these trends and what that means looking forward to the year ahead.

As Millennials gain buying power, earning their trust will be crucial for brands. To better understand Millennials and what makes them tick, SDL conducted a study in February 2014 with a 300-person sample from its North American Millennial community. The survey revealed insights that have important implications for tomorrow's marketers.

Imagine being tapped to oversee an extreme makeover of a long-standing, cultural institution.  Imagine having one chance to get it right, with no do-overs and extremely high stakes.  Imagine having all eyes in the country's largest city watching your every move ever so closely.  And imagine having to accomplish all this in record time, with vocal skeptics saying “you can't get it done.”  This is precisely what was asked of the new Board of Directors for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade when we were tapped to serve and transform the Parade into the iconic celebration of culture, achievement and pride it was originally intended to be.  We have made significant progress during our brief time on the job, and we look forward to hosting a wonderful Parade on June 8. It will be done.  by Louis Maldonado

NUVOtv parent company SiTV Media, Inc. and The Madison Square Garden Company have reached an agreement for SiTV Media to acquire the Fuse network from MSG.  This was jointly announced today by Michael Schwimmer, CEO of SiTV Media and its NUVOtv network, and Tad Smith, President and CEO of The Madison Square Garden Company.

Manuel Rosales, former Senior Account Manager at America CV Network, has been hired by ABC affiliate WPLG Channel 10 in Miami. In his new role as an Account Executive, Rosales will report to WPLG Local Sales Manager Belinda E. Tuckerman.