Two thirds (66%) of consumers report that the state of the economy will have some impact on their holiday shopping this year, including four in ten (41%) who say that it will motivate them to seek out bargains and coupons this holiday season, according to a new poll of over 1,000 adults conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of

We talk all the time about what the future will look like, and this past week I heard some fascinating conjecture about the future of smart devices and the “Internet of things” during a jaunt across the pond to London for an IAB UK event.  That kind of discussion is what fuels most of us in this business because we feed on the promise and excitement of what’s coming. But the question remains whether or not each of us will be ready for it when it arrives. To embrace the future requires a change in behavior, and that’s not always easy. 

It is a paradox that measurement, a discipline so predicated on objectivity, can  sometimes be so subjective.

The Latino Digital Video Summit will be unlike any event ever assembled with an exclusive focus on how Latinos are influencing the Digital video space from a media, marketing and entertainment perspective.

Vincent Cordero EVP and GM of FOX Deportes has announced his resignation and will be heading to Miami to be COO of Time Warner’s HBO Latin America

In our July 25th e-newsletter, we talked about how the lingering effects of the Great Recession have opened a new era in U.S. society we call Societal Reset, as consumers adjust their behaviors to meet more realistic economic expectations. One marker in many food categories is the growing appeal of Private Label brands (i.e., store brands) across several demographic segments.

Tr3s's study recognized that Hispanic dads are behaving differently from their own fathers - and another recent study also focuses on the changing role of fathers.

Most Hispanics Unable to Name A Hispanic Leader...But Most Say It Is Important for the Community to Have One

It’s easy to think of advertising campaigns on mass media channels like television as a completely different animal than ones designed specifically for digital channels. But research shows that the two can work in tandem to yield good results.

The Retail Feedback Group (RFG) released the 2013 U.S. Supermarket Experience Study.

Telemundo Media announced the launch of TV Everywhere, via the “Telemundo Now” app, available for download at the App Store and Google Play.

So far, the team from Added Value Paris have explored the marketing opportunities provided by sound, smell, touch and taste. In the last of a series of five articles, we’re focusing on sight, as well as what happens when you combine all five senses together…

What generation comes after the Millennials, the massive generation that is now swamping the U.S. workplace with people born between 1980 to 2000? The Homeland Generation. Born after 9/11, the oldest members of this generation are now entering middle school.

Several Hispanic agencies have started seeking out General Market accounts because this is "the new mainstream" after all. And a few more General Market agencies have opened up multicultural divisions--or hired key Hispanic/AA/Asian executives and creative directors.  The controversy, in essence, has died down and, in general, people accept that marketing to this new generation requires a brand new cultural model.  by Ken Muench / The Collider Lab

Eventus and the Celia Cruz Estate, honored the Queen of Salsa's birthday today with a custom-designed Google Doodle celebrating her life and legacy. Google, Inc. chose the music icon, who died in 2003, to grace their search engine's home page today, on what would have been her 88th birthday.