This has been the year of the debate over the “Total Market” approach.  The idea is to find a common denominator that different cultural groups can all relate to.  That makes some sense at first glance. After all, most people love their children, enjoy being free, enjoy food and other good things of life.  By Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D.

Ryan Partnership released the results of its Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study 2013. The study found that shoppers rank tools depending of their ability to influence their shopping behavior and satisfy their shopper needs.

As chief analytics officer of data management platform (DMP) [x+1], Leon Zemel oversees a host of client-facing marketing practices including campaign management, optimization and business intelligence. Zemel spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher about marketers’ frustrations with cross-channel attribution and shared insights into the benefits and limitations of taking either a top-down or bottom-up approach to attribution.

This epic story of love, intrigue, thrills and all-too-real situations is Sebastián Zurita’s first production for Telemundo as well as his first appearance in a telenovela alongside his famous mother, acclaimed actress Christian Bach.

Santillana USA, Televisa and Univision Communications Inc. have published a book about the life of Roberto Gomez Bolanos titled "Chespirito. Vida y magia del comediante mas popular de America" .

Dallas Pets Alive! (DPA), a non-profit organization focused on promoting and providing the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals, has selected creative agency Dieste, Inc. to develop and launch its first media campaign.

There are lots of CMOs in the world, and some do more than others.  In the past, I’ve said you should never trust a CMO who won’t go out and sell, but it’s more than that.  To truly understand what makes a great CMO, you have to understand more about the role they play in your organization  -- a role that will be changing over the next few years.

The variety of ways we consume media is exploding, and TV advertisers are tasked with finding creative ways to break through in this complex media environment. How do some ads captivate viewers while thousands of others are readily disregarded? To gain insight, we identified the top 10 commercials and branded integrations of 2013. Why not learn from the best of the best?

Tapping into quality customer data will become the biggest challenge for online marketers in 2014, according to a StrongView study.

When consumers head out for their everyday shopping needs, are they navigating the store on auto-pilot or are they open to new products and experiences? As with many of the puzzles marketers face, the answer here is anything but clear-cut.

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) announced the findings today from its 2013 Corporate Governance Study (CGS) revealing little progress for Hispanic inclusion on corporate boards over the last 20 years.

The Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) voted last week to elect Stephen Chavez, principal of Chavez Marketing & Communications and publisher of the LatinoFoodie blog, president of the 2014 national Board of Directors.

To make sure Toyota continues to address the needs of the new marketplace, the manufacturer will adopt a more cohesive marketing approach to paid, earned and owned media by placing previously separate agencies into a total market model, called Total Toyota or T2. 

It's no secret that young Latinos are big fans of technology. For a group that's always on the go, cost-conscious, and highly social with friends and family near and far, they are very proficient at making the most of whatever technology is available to them.

Viewer demands for control and for new experiences are impacting every aspect of the content supply chain - from story creation through distribution -- according to a new report just issued by EY. The report, Future of Television – Media & Entertainment, identifies six key trends that will drive the future of television in the years ahead. The report also explains that media and entertainment companies will need to more closely measure viewing behavior to create experiences that are interactive, mobile and tailored to viewers' specific needs and interests.