NGL Collective has announced the launch of Hispanicize #UnidosTogether Virtual Summit, the largest virtual gathering of Latinx influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs and media and entertainment innovators grounded by NGL’s #UnidosTogether initiative aimed at being a force for good in the Latinx community.  Led by NGL’s iconic Hispanicize platform, the FREE half-day virtual summit will take place on Wednesday, July 1st and represents a massive opportunity for brands to meaningfully connect with the Latinx audience during COVID recovery, and participate in the important conversation surrounding Black and Brown communities.

Agencies and our trade press have been busy opining on what it all means for this or that sector, whilst, one hopes, diligently planning for their own futures. Agencies are due to hit the reset button, but just before they agree to 'restore factory settings' it might be an idea to ask whether the old model is any longer fit for purpose.  By Brian Jacobs

BOTTOM LINE: While its likely not totally shocking at this point, we think that April increasingly feels like the bottom, and the linearity of the quarter appears to be much better in May, with expectations for continued rebound into June. Our and the Street’s 2Q20 estimates are largely in the range of where the companies indicated they were pacing for the quarter in April/early May, and our expectations are that there is likely upside to revenue numbers of at least 4-7%. We will be waiting to see how June shapes up, as well as color around 2H outlook before refining our estimates, but numbers are likely going higher.

While it is common for many Hispanics in the radio business to dream of owning their own station or stations, historically they have found it to be a path under construction, with many roadblocks.  By Amador Bustos

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the U.S., brands are looking for ways to stay connected to consumers and to understand the impact of the virus on their lives in real-time, especially among multicultural groups who have been hit disproportionately.

Telemundo Deportes presents the return of Premier League’s 2019-20 season starting Wednesday, June 17 with Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United at 12:55 p.m. ET on the Telemundo Deportes app, followed by second-place Manchester City hosting Arsenal live at 3:15 p.m. ET on Universo and the Telemundo Deportes

Personalization remains a tall order. Its possibility does not mean that every company is equipped or mature enough to realize its promise. All the data in the world isn't terribly useful if marketers can't put it to work — and putting it to work requires organizational capability at multiple levels of the marketing enterprise.

Economic anxiety remains high, but we have found a new normal in lockdown even though we miss our lives. We are though already turning towards the next steps as constraints on our lives begin to ease.

For many Americans, connectivity is everything, and that trend has greatly influenced TV viewing over the past few years. During the height of countrywide shelter-in-place orders across the U.S. amid the COVID-19 pandemic, weekly time spent watching connected TVs grew along with overall media use, rising by more than 1 billion hours as the weeks passed. Now, as states ease shelter-in-place orders and allow businesses to re-open, traditional TV usage is normalizing while CTV usage remains well above pre-COVID-19 levels.

What brands are doing to attract the talent they need to help them lead in the new economy

As the dust begins to settle and we get a clearer view of what the future might look like, one thing is certain: it won’t look like it did pre-COVID.  Agencies aren’t headed back to the office en masse anytime soon. Many aren’t bringing their entire teams back. And many won’t occupy the same physical spaces.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

Whether we are happy or sad, animated or tired, relaxed or anxious, in a group or alone – alcohol can enhance almost any emotion. But how can marketers best connect with their audience?  By Renita Jude / Global Consultant, Media, Insights Division

Join us for a conversation with David Chitel, Founder & CEO, NGL Collective, to discuss their action-oriented initiative #UnidosTogether, as well as updates to NGL Collective.

A study in contrasts: Republican and Democratic strengths and weaknesses in party identificationRepublicans hold wide advantages in party identification among several groups of voters, including white men without a college degree, people living in rural communities in the South and those who frequently attend religious services.  Democrats hold formidable advantages among a contrasting set of voters, such as black women, residents of urban communities in the Northeast and people with no religious affiliation.

As brands and businesses prepare for plans of reopening, it is essential to understand how consumer behaviors and expectations have been changed by the crisis.