With tablet ownership on the rise, internet users are turning to the big-small screen for a variety of content activities, not least of which is watching video content.

Irma Martinez, the most renowned Latina stylist and founder of Trendy Inc, consolidates her online presence with irmamartinez.com, a web destination that becomes the core of her growing social media presence.

According to a study commissioned by Virtual Hold Technology(VHT) 50.7% of smartphone users say they have downloaded and used financial apps. The study, conducted for VHT by The Adcom Group, investigates how customers engage with brands using smartphones.

Sparked by a combination of high confidence in the economy and significant life events, Hispanic consumers are not only making their mark with major purchases, but are also strongly engaged in online and mobile activity, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) “Digital Hispanic Consumer” report, based on data from BIGinsight™. The findings point to considerable opportunities for marketers to reach this valuable audience through digital advertising channels.

Outbrain, in partnership with Econsultancy,released an in-depth study on content marketing that looks in detail at the strategies, objectives and challenges involved in the fast-growing field.

Global media and entertainment CEOs are optimistic about the digital future and expect digital revenue will be a rapidly increasing percentage of overall revenue for companies, according to Ernst & Young’s latest CEO study Opportunity and optimism: How CEOs are embracing digital growth. The report reveals that approximately half of all CEOs surveyed believe digital will increase their overall revenues and margins by at least 10% within the next three years.

As the 2012 election cycle approaches its peak of activity across all campaign levels and as the market for election advertising is estimated to top $10 billion, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released timely findings from the “Elections 2012 and Political Ad Spend Survey,” conducted in collaboration with Campaigns & Elections Magazine. The results show an increase in political ad spending across digital platforms, while also revealing political consultants’ appetite for more precise measurement and analytics tools.

el Jimador launched a Lucha Libre-themed Facebook campaign featuring Jimi "el Jimador" luchador as a vehicle to share the brand's story and convey its unique personality and attributes. Jimi is a jimador by day (an agave harvester) and a luchador by night, (a Mexican masked wrestler).

Rafael Urbina, Chairman and CEO of Batanga Media, announced the next generation of Batanga Radio with all new enhancements and energy. The comprehensive re-launch simultaneously includes the Batanga.com website and mobile applications available on iOS and Android platforms.

Ernst & Young surveyed CEOs from global entertainment and media companies for a September 2012 study on digital growth and found that while social media has a solid position within these companies, many CEOs are more bullish on mobile and tablets for future growth.

The latest data from GfK MRI’s iPanelTM show that almost two-thirds of tablet owners watch television while also using their tablets—often to post comments about a show on social media websites or to respond to ads.

The Federal Trade Commission has published a guide to help mobile application developers observe truth-in-advertising and basic privacy principles when marketing new mobile apps. The FTC’s new publication, “Marketing Your Mobile App: Get It Right from the Start,” notes that there are general guidelines that all app developers should consider.

SOI TV has hired Parham & Associates, LLC, to spearhead development of national advertising revenue, effective September 1, 2012.

NGL Media has greatly expanded its video network by partnering with Mamiverse.com.

Compared to TV advertisers, digital video advertisers have a much smaller window of opportunity for captivating viewers. For one, consumers still average a far greater number of minutes watching TV than digital video.