UM, the global marketing and media agency network of IPG Mediabrands, announced the appointment of Deidre Smalls-Landau to the role of U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, effective immediately. Smalls-Landau will oversee UM’s strategic branding, platforms and initiatives, carrying over her previous responsibilities as global head of culture, to ensure a broader impact for the diversity-based cultural framework she spearheaded at the agency. Smalls-Landau will report to UM U.S. CEO, Lynn Lewis.

The importance of sharing has, in turn, heavily influenced other marketing strategies. Experiential events, for example, continue to grow as we seek more and more Instagrammable moments. So much so that sharing content is the primary motivation behind everything from store design to museum launches and marketing activations. The emphasis on, or obsession with, sharing content does not take the limitations of this strategy into account. As commonplace as sharing content might be, it still falls well short of representing our lived world.

Though it's been available for last several years, influencer marketing has shot to the top of the marketing stack for a growing number of savvy brands, especially those in the fashion, beauty, gaming, and lifestyle sectors that are looking to lend more authenticity when they engage their audiences.

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  • Scalability is the ability and proclivity for expansion and growth of a concept, process or platform.
  • Not to be confused with “excess capacity”.
  • “Bandwidth” can be used as synonym in certain cases though.
  • In the business world, it is the ability to streamline and systematize a process with the least possible friction.

Companies have long struggled to break down silos and boost cross-functional collaboration—but the challenge is getting more acute. The speed of market change requires a more rapid adaptation of products and services, while customers increasingly expect an organization to present them with a single face.

Making customer-centricity real requires significant changes to retail operations, from how we define brands to how we drive innovation and manage the customer relationship. Merely articulating a new strategy does not deliver change. Rather, it’s the challenging work of modifying organizational structures, processes and systems — how people actually do their work — that delivers a new reality. At NRF NXT, we began to map out what realizing such changes might entail.

The ANA sat down with Ayiko Broyard, EVP of client services at Walton Isaacson, to get her insight on the power of multicultural marketing ahead of the ANA 2019 Multicultural Excellence Awards, which is now open for entries. Walton Isaacson is a winner of a Multicultural Excellence Award for its work on Lexus and Marvel's Black Panther "Long Live the King" campaign.

Over the last month Univision investors lead by CEO Vince Sandusky have quietly put the company for sale hoping to receive an offer that would entice the investor group to sell the whole company.  This effort seems to have not produced any positive results or a sale.  According to the New York Post and Inside Radio, the company is using the resources of Morgan Stanley, Moelis & Co. and LionTree bank to float an auction of Univision radio, television and internet assets.

The direct brand economy has created an unprecedented opportunity for women to start companies and to do what they could only have previously dreamed of doing before. More women are becoming entrepreneurs, more women are building companies and more women are becoming successful with their own direct brands.

Straddling adolescence and adulthood, Gen Z is at a turning point. The oldest members of Gen Z have already graduated college and are now in their early 20s. Considered a thrifty generation, Gen Z has posed a challenge to key general merchandise industries, which have struggled to drive dollar growth among this cohort over the past two years.

At a time when brands have access to so much data, trying to understand who their customers are and their buying preferences, these companies are finding it increasingly important to use that data to create a variety of messaging that a diverse population of people can relate to.

In almost every purchase, search query or product use case, consumers power an ecosystem of personal data. Of course, their digital fingerprints help shape better product, retail and media experiences, but they also shine a light on the need consumers have for enhanced levels of trust in their transactions—trust in advertising, trust in pricing, trust in brand claims…the list goes on.

Horizon Media Inc. has teamed up with the hip-hop star Pitbull to start a multicultural marketing agency called 305 Worldwide, part of a plan to invest in creative production and full-service marketing capabilities.

Chemistry has acquired a significant stake in Miami based Pinta.  The combined entity will have primary offices in Atlanta, Miami, and Pittsburgh, in addition to satellite offices in New York , San Francisco and Nashvill

Evaluation through experiments is key to making sure the data we collect are of the highest quality and the most complete they can be.