LATiNAS is a monthly magazine show that showcases LATINX women from all walks of life! As these influencers rapidly become an economic and social powerhouse in the United States, the program will showcase their power at home, in business and everywhere else in between. LATiNAS is hosted by EMMY® award winning multi-media journalist and author Tinabeth Piña.

Far be it from some sort of over-arching, existential, or politically-charged claim, the statement that “all marketing is cultural” is demonstrably true and inescapable. Whereas traditional schools of thought may have held that marketing is detached from human nature or consumer interaction, marketing actually constitutes a form of communication which is inseparable from its means of creation and from its audience. In this sense, all marketing certainly is cultural; marketing (especially integrated marketing) is a form of communication; all communication is informed by culture; and cultural aspects inform both the creation of and receptivity to marketing communication.  By Chloe Lane / Florisa State University

Her baby boy sick with an earache, Cathy Lopez Negrete came home to discover the water had been turned off due to lack of payment. Days later, Alex Lopez Negrete was leaving for an important business meeting when his car was repossessed.  A week like this one might have deterred many budding entrepreneurs. For the co-founders of Lopez Negrete Communications, these tribulations in 1989 were mere bumps on the road to success.  The firm has grown into the nation’s largest independent, Hispanic-owned and operated full-service advertising and marketing agency.   By Court Stroud

Telemundo Deportes has signed a multiplatform deal with ESR 24/7 eSports Channel to boost its esports offering with thousands of pieces of English-language content that will be used across its platforms every year starting this week.

Marketers love to talk about personas, those ideal customer archetypes as revealed by online activities and other markers. But perhaps the most overlooked attribute of personas may be purely demographic: age groups.

Cultural intelligence is an invaluable way to cut through the clutter and deliver campaign results. That's why, as the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented and mobile audiences grow harder to reach, cultural intelligence should sit at the core of content production and distribution.

In this installment — with its companion podcast episode — Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief, and E.B. Moss, head of content strategy for MediaVillage, shine a spotlight on Tim McNeal, vice president, creative talent development and inclusion, for Walt Disney Television.

U.S .Hispanics make up about 17% of the NBA fan base, according to the NBA Latin America. That’s roughly 15 million Hispanic basketball fans poised to enact significant influence over one of the country’s most revered sports.

This IAB research sets the record straight on media related myths and misinterpretations regarding why, how, which and how much direct to consumer brands are budgeting and leveraging opportunities across the media landscape.

IAB research reveals that, in contrast to the most recent wave of high-valuation startups, direct brands are focusing on profitability and customer satisfaction ahead of market share. In fact, 90 percent of DTC brands report that they are already profitable.

NextGen Collective has partnered with Latina founders Karli Henriquez (Know Alias) and Brittany Chavez (Shop Latinx) to bring awareness of Latina Equal Pay Day on November 20, 2019—the day when Latina pay catches up to that of white, non-Hispanic men from the previous year.



Amscot Financial reveald its 6th Spanish-bilingual campaign geared toward a critically important consumer segment across core Florida markets. The new, original campaign highlights convenient financial services available to a wide range of consumers from new arrivals resettling in Florida, to entrepreneurially spirited, first-generation families and career-building millennials.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, Latinas earn only 53 cents for every dollar a non-Hispanic white male earns. This disparity equates to more than a $1 million difference in earnings over a lifetime of employment! The good news is that more Hispanics are going to college and graduating with degrees, a key factor to narrowing this wage gap. Between 2000 and 2015, the college attendance rate among Hispanic high school graduates increased from 22% to 37% according to the U.S. Department of Education with Latinas making up slightly more than half of these students.  By Karla Fernandez Parker - Senior Marketing Executive, Branding and Advertising

Non-Hispanic white Americans account for 60% of the U.S. population, but in a growing number of counties, a majority of residents are Hispanic or black, reflecting the nation’s changing demographics and shifting migration patterns.

My immediate association with the term “sponsorship” is Bayern München (my home town’s football club) running onto the field of the Allianz Arena, with the logos of their main sponsors Deutsche Telekom and Adidas prominently displayed on their uniforms. An image that triggers emotions: excitement before the game, tension before a goal, joy after winning – and I’m not even a football fan, so how must this feel for a real enthusiast?  by Nicola Niesl - Associate Director Global Connect Centre / Kantar