CMOs and CIOs from Pfizer, Webex, BECU, and others on how to inspire teams and enact organizational change

Survey of Diverse Suppliers Reveals Advantages and Ease of Participation

Estrella Media announced that Steve Mandala, former President, Ad Sales & Marketing for Univision Communications and Executive VP, Cable Entertainment Sales for NBCUniversal, is joining the company as Chief Revenue and Local Media Officer. Mandala starts on December 1 and will be based out of the company’s New York office.

The issues surrounding the sale of WPYO-FM to SBS by Cox Media Group has made headlines, most recently in HispanicAd and Radio + Television Business Report. As the lead authority on Hispanic Marketing, the Hispanic Marketing Council's position on this matter is clear:  The HMC supports fair competition, especially when it creates opportunities for diverse voices and minority-owned media. As a top-10 Hispanic market with a growing multicultural majority, Orlando benefits from having more choices in Spanish-language radio. The sale of Cox Media’s FM station to SBS, who has a long trajectory in operating leading radio stations in Puerto Rico and in the US, aligns with FCC’s mission to expand minority-owned media platforms and ultimately benefits Orlando's thriving Latino community.  We look forward to a timely resolution of this issue soon.

The panic over the impact supply chain snafus are having on how many ad dollars are spent during this quarter is probably overdone.  Not because there won’t be notable cuts; they have already happened and continue to do so, according to the six ad execs interviewed for this article. Rather those dollars won’t be lost for good. They will be spent eventually in the quarter. The hard part for those execs is knowing when.

Americans who have been to the grocery store lately or started their holiday shopping may have noticed that consumer prices have spiked. The annual rate of inflation in the United States hit 6.2% in October 2021, the highest in more than three decades, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Other inflation metrics also have shown significant increases in recent months, though not to the same extent as the CPI.

The Hispanic marketing industry must take action and capitalize on the spotlight that is currently shining on diversity, inclusion and multicultural marketing.  By Lee Vann - Captura Group

Federico Valiente, previously Director of Marketing for Dallas based Pollo Campero has been named Director of Marketing at YUM Brands for Pizza Hut LAI.  Mr. Valiente was honored recently as one of HispanicAd'd 2021 Hispanic Market Thought Leaders.

Brands and ad agencies must adapt — and quickly — to meet the changing demands of a restless workforce in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2021 Hispanic Market Overview - titled “Achieving New Heights”

Hispanics are the driving force behind shifts in the American demographic landscape and in popular culture. As consumers demand equality and proper representation coupled with culturally literate, responsible practices from marketers, brands must lead with culture-driven insights and centralize Hispanic marketing as a core practice for achieving sustainable market relevance and growth. To arm them with the cultural insights needed, the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) has released its 2021 Hispanic Market Guide, the most comprehensive resource on the U.S. Hispanic market. The new publication is now available to view online or download for free.

Media quality issues, including increased risk and fraud, are the top challenges in programmatic advertising for marketers

The future for the media industry contains many uncertainties. We shine a spotlight on the risks and opportunities, in what will be a critical year for most.

Undeterred, SBS moved ahead with making three all-cash offers, the final offer coming in ahead of the highest appraisal value presented by Bond & Pecaro.  By Adam Jacobson - Editor in Chief

There is a controversy brewing in the Orlando Market in Florida, where a COX Radio is required to sell one of their FM radio stations by law based on the number of radio station they own in the market, they don’t feel they have the price they want during the required sell-off period dictated by the Federal Communication Commission and Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) has placed a viable offer to purchase the radio station above the current valuation of the Orlando FM station on the table.