The National Society of Hispanic MBA's celebrate their 12 th annual conference TEXAS style from November 1-3, 2001. Texas’ second largest city, San Antonio has the reputation of a fun loving town. The city always has something going on for visitors.

The National Hispanic Corporate Council will be holding their next member meeting in Miami, FL. The theme of the conference will be 'Success Factors for Hispanics and Corporate America in the 21st Century'. The dates for the event are August 29-31 2001.

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) will hold its 15th Anniversary Symposium on Corporate Responsibility, "Celebrating Our Achievements, Reaching New Heights" on May 23-24 at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC.

Speakers will include:

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs Orange County and Los Angeles Chapters & Museum of Latin American Art MoLAA Invite The American Association of Hispanic CPAs to:


The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) and Ford Motor Company will host the third Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Symposium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The US Hispanic Market seminars are now a dime a dozen ... but it won't cost you a dime. Last year alone there were over 150 seminars focusing on Multicultural Marketing. As many or more are planned for 2001.

The role of ad agencies in the post dot-com era, the economic downturn, diversity in the workforce, and employee retention are among the key issues that were explored at the 83rd American Association of Advertising Agencies' annual Management Conference.

Martha Gerdes - McDonalds
Kevin Kay - Nickelodeon
Ruido Group
Victoria Hudson & Michael Saray - Cartel Creativo
Dr. Antonia Coello-Novello
Daisy Exposito - The Bravo Group
Cherri Prince - LeoShe
Neil Comber - P&G
Dr. Andrew Beveridge
Carlos Soto - President of NHCC

The National Hispanic Corporate Council held their first biannual meeting for the year 2001 in New York City last week. The theme of the conference was "The New Hispanic Consumer."

The National Hispanic Corporate Council will hold its Spring Member Meeting April 18-20 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, NY. The theme of the event is "The New Hispanic Consumer."

TJFR Group, Inc. in association with PR Newswire, will honor 100 of the nation-s top Hispanic journalists and media personalities at the inaugural Hispanic Media 100 event on Aug. 23, 2001 at the Biscayne Bay Marriott in Miami. Nominations will be accepted through April 30.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists will host its first-ever regional conference in California for Spanish-language journalists on Saturday, April 21 in Los Angeles.

In a move to unite and strengthen women's leadership in business, Accenture and Women.future announced they are working together to produce the world's foremost global gathering of business women during MainEvent 2001 to be held April 5, 2001.

Internet panel.
Guy Primus - UrbanIQ
Print panel
Radio panel
Spanihs TV panel.
Carlos Santiago
English TV panel.

The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies conference began with a detailed exploration of the impact the 2000 US Census population estimates have in many key demographic arena.

Yahoo en Español has compiled a group of photographs that detail the 2001 Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

CLICK below & enjoy:

As Horacio Gomes assumed the presidency of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies at the 10th biannual conference in Scottsdale AZ, Ingrid Smart has been elected unanimously by the board to be the next president of the Association Of Hispanic Agencies.