If someone tweets about you on Twitter and you don't hear the sound, did the tweeter tweet at all?

This is one of the philosophical questions about Twitter that has a practical answer. Fortunately, now there are many ways to listen to the tweets.

It seems to be getting tougher to crack the Hispanic space these days but if you’re going to do it then do it big and do it RIGHT. MySpace Latino’s launch concert on April 11 in Miami is a great example.

If you want to establish your credibility–especially street cred–immediately and unequivocally with today’s Latino, then you have to start on the right foot. CLICK on BLOG above.

We all likely know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory -- usually reserved for sales training to understand the state of consumer needs and how they apply to consumer decisions.

Throughout my 20 year experience in marketing and advertising there has been one consistent issue we have all had to deal with: Too much information to communicate.

My CEO sparked a group email discussion last week by asking two questions. Following was my contribution to the discussion. I'm being transparent here -- as these are the very ideals and opportunities I aspire to in my own marketing leadership role.

Today’s teens are redefining “television” viewing by selecting a broader range of content options on an increasing array of devices.

Ads may not be the best tactic.

The US trails emerging markets such as China, Brazil and Russia in the adoption of activities including blogging, social networking and video-sharing, according to new Universal McCann data presented at the Advertising Research Foundation's Re:think 2008 conference.

Whether you're an economist or not, and whether you want to full believe it or not, the U.S. economy is in a recession. The leading economic indicators point to the fact that consumer confidence is down, the housing market is unstable and the Fed has steadily been decreasing interest rates to battle the credit crisis over the last few months. Unemployment rates have gone up -- and even our business of online advertising is seeing our major brands make cuts while they battle their uncertain futures.

Brand Culture is a new model of branding which draws upon the anthropological concept of culture. It replaces the current model, which depends upon a manipulative and controllable external brand image.

Due to inevitable fluctuations in market and public opinion over time, expensive brands must establish some type of insurance to combat crises in perception and competition. Consumer Cohesion provides strategies and approaches to ensure brands have the foundation and defense mechanisms in place to succeed in marketing warfare.

This paper describes the six most important principles of human persuasion available to marketers and organizes them into a simple model designed to help brand builders maintain the persuasiveness of their brands in today's ever-evolving and tumultuous media and consumer environment.

The San Jose Group, Hy Cite Corporation’s Hispanic agency of record, has negotiated a 52-week integration of the company’s Royal Prestige line of luxury cookware into Telemundo’s morning show, “Cada Día.” The Royal Prestige integration is unique because of the organic way in which the products are incorporated into the programming.

Spending on alternative media jumped 22.0% to $73.43 billion in 2007 and is expected to continue its rapid ascension in 2008 despite a slowing economy, as brand marketers scramble to stay in step with a rapidly changing media landscape, according to research released by PQ Media.

I was in a conference room in downtown Manhattan. The CMO of a large package goods company was addressing his media agency, asking questions about branding on digital platforms.

His queries were pointed. His patience, short.

It’s no secret that all Hispanics are not alike. Hailing from 24 Latin American countries, Hispanics are making a diverse and indelible mark on the U.S. landscape. From music to food, they have infused customs and traditions into the American mainstream. But mainstream marketing to this diverse group is a recipe for failure. New fusion analyses now go beyond traditional age/sex demographics to provide a more accurate method of target marketing. Advertisers cannot reach their goals without winning the Hispanic consumer. By: Ceril Shagrin, Executive Vice President Corporate Research Division, Univision Communications Inc. and Howard Shimmel, SVP, Client Insights, Nielsen Connections.