Information Resources, Inc. released a new study, IRI Insights on Channel Differentiation, which examines consumer attitudes and shopping behavior across grocery store, drugstore, mass merchandiser, and supercenter channels of trade.

Grandparents were the leading child-care providers for preschoolers who were in some type of child-care arrangement in 1997, according to a report released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.

The company plans to equip a new and separate panel of approximately 1000 consumers in the Philadelphia Radio Metro Survey Area that will allow direct comparisons to the radio station audience estimates being produced by the existing panel of consumers in the current PPM market trial.

Simmons Market Research Bureau announced the consolidation of its National Consumer and National Hispanic Studies beginning in 2003.

By 2006, 12- to 19-year-olds in the United States are projected to have a buying power that will top the $182 billion gross domestic product of Russia. The U.S.

Backed by fundamentally strong national and regional economies, U.S. consumers will continue to experience substantial but varying annual gains in after-tax income, which powers their spending on goods and services.

At long last, and with a little help from the Census 2000, advertisers, marketers and programmers are recognizing that cultural and ethnic diversity is a hallmark of North American society.

One in three (33 percent) high-school aged young people say they have engaged in one of the following risky behaviors in the last 30 days: smoked cigarettes, used marijuana, drunk alcohol or gambled for money.

Hispanic marketers take note: a new study released today by Cultural Access Group and Sapo Communications finds that while Hispanic youth in L.A. may be watching both "The Simpsons" and telenovelas, they are far more likely to favor the former over the latter.

North America’s seniors appear to be taking a decidedly hands-on approach to wellness as they age, according to a global survey by market research company Ipsos-Reid. But this trend has not extended beyond North America into Europe.

Half of Americans -- 49 percent -- are willing to relinquish personal freedoms and privacies to protect the country, according to a new survey commissioned by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, an authority on the founding of America.

And then there were two…

Arbitron Inc. and IBOPE Media Information announced an agreement to cooperate in the testing of Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) technology in Latin America.

Nat Puccio - EVP Chief Strategy Officer U.S.McCann-Erickson New York reviewed the changing composition of U.S. immigration.

Research Data Design, Inc. (RDD) introduced its US Hispanic Omnibus called Pulso Hispano. Pulso Hispano is a monthly telephone survey targeting Hispanic respondents in the top ten U.S. markets.