I remember a story about Kung, the Chinese philosopher also known as Confucius. I believe it was in Ezra Pound’s Guide to Kultur.

The story goes something like this:

Just as aficionados of a particular sport or entertainment activity have their own slang and style of dress, they also have special - sometimes surprising - preferences for distinct categories of beer or wine, according to the latest study by Scarborough Research.

New California Media (NCM), an association of over 400 print, broadcast, and online ethnic media organizations, released findings from the first-ever quantitative study on the reach, impact, and potential of media targeted to Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American communities.

The online population has grown at a modest rate over the last six months after a pause which coincided with the bursting of the dot.com bubble. According to the latest data from The Harris Poll, fully two-thirds (66%) of all adults are now online.

In spite of a recession and a series of extraordinary negative events, the number of households earning $75,000+ and $100,000+ increased during 2001 in the 85 metro markets surveyed regularly by The Media Audit.

Arbitron Inc. released an initial round of ratings results from the second phase of the Portable People Meter (PPM) U.S. market trial in Philadelphia.

Recently, a major corporation inquired about services related to auditing their various agencies and their performance in online media.

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced the results of a media mix study undertaken with Millward Brown IntelliQuest in February 2002.

Interep released its latest report on marketing to men, entitled “About Men/ Demographic, Spending and Media Profiles.” The report points out that while the majority of “primary shoppers” for households are women, current data shows that more men are now assuming the responsibility of homemaker a

What exactly are Americans watching on television these days? More than a quarter (27%) of American adults (age 18 and over) say they watch news more often than anything else, while 20% of teens (age 12-17) say their top choice is the sitcom.

If they could only have one medium or media technology, more children would choose the Internet, with television placing second and telephone third.

When’s the last time you went to the circus? We often think of a circus, or use the term to describe chaos, pandemonium and disorganization, right? The word itself has a relatively easy “day job” for instance, describing Barnum & Bailey’s spectacle.

CNN en Español has announced the results of the first wave of the IATS Global Media Study Latin America.

Arbitron Inc. announced the release of its Winter 2002 RADAR radio network audience report (RADAR 72) covering the 12-month period of January 24, 2001 - January 22, 2002.

Cultural Access Group, Inc. announced the renewal of a one-year agreement with ACNielsen U.S., an operating unit of ACNielsen, a VNU company, for multicultural research services. Cultural Access Group, a Lumina Americas, Inc.