Knowledge Networks, a company known for its studies of TV viewing habits, has launched a suite of products to help advertisers conduct branding studies.

Arbitron Inc. announced that it will begin using its radio diary database to increase the sample size used to tabulate the audience estimates for the RADAR(R) network radio ratings service beginning with the release of the RADAR 73 network radio ratings report in June 2002.

Chinese comprised more than 20 percent of the 11.9 million people who identified themselves as Asians in Census 2000, according to a new report released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.

Puerto Rico's Echo Boomers and Baby Boomers may have more in common than they realize: asked to give each other just one piece of advice, both generations said to "enjoy life." They also both count AIDS among the most significant, perspective-changing phenomena they have witnessed in their lifeti

The Asian American population of the United States is the most affluent demographic segment in the country, and holds a more favorable economic profile than the country's non-Hispanic white population. According to The U.S.

Publicis Dialog, part of Publicis Groupe S.A., announced the completion of its latest survey to assess the changes in the American consumer’s mood, outlook and preference for various types of media messages four months after the attacks of September 11th.

Did you know that young women in the United States are more educated than young men? That the majority of children now have access to a computer both at home and at school?

A 13 percent increase in population size in the 1990s helped the United States maintain its position as the third most populous country in the world, according to an analysis released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.

The number of foreign-born and first-generation U.S. residents has reached the highest level in U.S. history, 56 million, or a ratio of 1-in-5, the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.

As part of the President's Fiscal Year 2003 budget submission to Congress, the Census Bureau released the details of its innovative plans to provide more timely and accurate data about the economy and population of the United States.

Arbitron has updated its population estimates from Fall 2001. View the new 12+ total, black and Hispanic estimates compared with Spring 2002 CLICK below:

The Fall 2001 ratings are available at for the following markets:

In his "State of the Union" Address, President Bush declared that he had 3 major objectives: The War Abroad, Homeland Defense, and Economic Security.

The after-tax income of the engaged and newlywed population of the U.S. reached $229.5 billion in 2001, an 11.2% increase from 1997, according to The U.S.

Lumina Americas, Inc. announced the acquisition of Cultural Access Group. Under the terms of this transaction, Cultural Access Group (CAG) will become a member of Lumina America's family of companies. CAG will continue to operate as a stand-alone entity.