Traveling during the last 10 days, I have had 26 meetings and two speaking engagements.

Social networking is an integral part of the Internet and will not be going away, however, after 13 years in the United States, revenue generation is not what it was once predicted to become, reports In-Stat.

Ever go to one of those panels where most of the answers can be summed up as "it depends," "not sure," or "we're just not there yet"? On one hand, it's a great sign because it means you've stumbled on an honest bunch of panelists.

What role should social media play in a marketer's media plan? It's funny that something with the word "media" in its name isn't a shoe-in as a line item on most media plans.

Facebook took the college scene by storm. Boomers may be another story.

Less than one-quarter of US Internet users ages 40 and over use social networking Web sites, according to the JWT BOOM/ThirdAge "Boomers, Healthcare and Interactive Media" study conducted last month.

Mobile social networks are quite popular with the Millennial generation, just as social networking is, reports In-Stat .

Drawing more budget away from print

If you recall, way back in November of last year, I laid out my predictions for 2008.

A growing number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide are taking online social networking to the streets, research conducted by The Nielsen Company reveals.

Things are moving fast in the world of social networks. Every day it seems MySpace is adding features that mimic Facebook-like functionality, and Facebook is adding features (or apps) that make Facebook look more like MySpace.

Revenue from mobile media and entertainment (MME) services in the US will more than double during the next five years, according to the latest research from Analysys Mason IT and digital media.

Every now and then we have those "ah-ha" moments where we realize our near-dependence on technology in our everyday lives.

Latin Americans are the world's leaders in social networking, an online phenomenon that is changing the way people communicate.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the release of “User-Generated Content and Social Media Advertising Overview,” a milestone document that helps marketers, agencies and publishers better understand how these platforms have fundamentally altered the digital experience for consumers and advertisers.

Move over, World Wide Web, and give a warm welcome to the World Live Web (WLW). Actually it's been around for many years now. Unfortunately it hasn't popped up in our beloved industry until late.