September 26, 2018

Global music streaming service Deezer has selected MARCA Miami to introduce its FLOW service to the US audience. MARCA is responsible for strategy development, creative and media planning and buying.

The new campaign from MARCA, “Music Meets AI”, runs in English and Spanish. It highlights how Deezer’s FLOW uses artificial intelligence and feedback from users to create an endless supply of tracks across genres and a personalized experience for each listener.

The campaign’s TV spot brings to life a future where AI is running the world and music brings together the robots and humans in dance. The spot, which features the song ‘Bum Bum Tam Tam’, by Latin artists MC Fioti, J. Balvin, Stefflon Don and Juan Magan, encourages music fans to download the free app and discover their Flow on Deezer.

The campaign also features radio, outdoor, digital video and banners and social advertising. The launch coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month which runs through October 15.

Jorge Rincon, Deezer VP North America, explains that “MARCA brings keen insight into both the general market and the bicultural Hispanic target and has demonstrated their ability to connect consumers to brands in ways that are both culturally relevant and highly memorable.”

Since its entry into the US market, Deezer has focused on the growing Latino market with dedicated playlists in growing genres such as Reggaeton, Latin Trap, and Regional Mexican subgenres like Banda and Norteño.

Tony Nieves, MARCA President and Co-founder adds, “We’re excited to help all music lovers get to know Deezer and its unique offering. It’s a particularly great fit for the bi-cultural tastes of the growing Latino population in the US.”


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