June 03, 2021

According to MediaPost, Publicis Groupe has diversified its US workforce by 5.5%.

The highlights:

  • That said, the data shows a year over year increase of 5.5% in diverse talent overall, which now represents 32% of the company’s 21,000 employees.
  • The number of entry level positions filled by people of color is up 5%, while mid-level positions are up 8% and senior level slots are up 5%.
  • Black talent increased by 9% overall across U.S. operations at every career stage, but most notably at a senior level, where Black talent rose by 26%, to 2.4%, off a small base.
  • At all career levels Blacks represented 5.9% of the U.S. workforce as of May 20th, up from 5.4% last June. The comparable numbers for Hispanics/Latinos are 8.3% up from 8.1% and 15.4% up from 15.1% for Asians.
  • The company’s U.S. workforce remains more than two-thirds white at 67.3% down from 69.1% a year ago.

But ..........

What about growth in the senior and higher level management position?

What about Hispanics in their management positions?

Grade D+.  They have some work to do.

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