September 11, 2021

Roku published the results its annual survey that provides insights into consumer TV viewing behaviors and preferences and how the pandemic accelerated the ongoing shift to TV streaming.

The survey found that, over the last year, the shift to TV streaming was accelerated by the pandemic with more content –– including live programming and new movie releases –– moving to TV streaming. The ease-of-use, cost-savings, and content quality of TV streaming was shown to have extremely broad, intergenerational appeal among American consumers.

“Amid a year of uncertainty, this survey puts data behind what we at Roku have believed since our founding in 2002: all TV will be streamed,” said Anthony Wood, Roku Founder and CEO. “These results show that TV streaming has passed a tipping point. Even more exciting, it’s bringing more people together, starting new conversations, and giving viewers of every generation more of the content they love, while also making it more accessible. TV streaming is here to stay.”

To download report, CLICK HERE.



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