October 14, 2021

What are the top CMO challenges, trends, priorities, and key actions for 2022?

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) enter 2022 with their role in transition more than in recent years. Facing significant pressures due to drastically reduced budgets, CMOs must match leadership with agility and cross-functional connections to succeed.

The CMO Vision 2022 eBook outlines the 3 strategic actions for success that CMOs will need as they navigate budget austerity and reassess their organizational mandate while accelerating business growth in 2022. Our CMO guide will give you insight into:

  •     Key trends that will drive the CMO’s role in 2022
  •     Top CMO priorities for 2022
  •     Actions for CMOs to maximize their marketing strategy
  •     Key drivers of the CMO role in transition
  •     Top CMO skills required in 2022

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