April 08, 2021

MMA Global published the findings of research that assessed the maturity of consumer data in organizations.

The survey, powered by EY sourced insights from senior U.S. marketing leaders and found that most organizations lack the processes and skills to effectively gather, analyze and execute against consumer data. At the core of those shortcomings, the research revealed most revealed that although most companies have made significant progress in terms of compliance, they still struggle when it comes to breaking down internal silos, activating data and building the right skillset to drive ROI on their data investment.

As marketers attempt to maximize the value of their data in the face of drastic changes across the entire industry, MMA conducted this research to inform a Data Maturity Framework that serves as a roadmap for the future of marketing data. The framework provides marketers with benchmarks for key areas of the industry’s evolution, including data and privacy law compliance, cookie-less advertising and meaningful cross-platform consumer engagements.

“For more than a decade, organizations have been in a race to acquire consumer data that would empower efficient marketing and give them an edge over competitors. However, most marketers didn’t have the skillset or knowledge to capitalize on that data once it was available. With rapid changes across the entire marketing landscape, simply having data will no longer be enough,” said Greg Stuart, CEO and President of MMA Global. “The MMA’s core mission is to guide the industry through challenges like the ones we face today, and we produced the Data Maturity Framework to ensure every marketer has a clear understanding of where their data capabilities stand in relation to their peers. The future of marketing has arrived and it’s imperative marketers quickly improve their data maturity if they want to drive growth in this new era.”

"Given all the changes in the consumer data landscape, this is a critical time for companies to prioritize data maturity and know where they stand,” said Janet Balis, EY Americas Customer and Growth Market Leader and CMO Practice Leader. "This new study from the MMA and EY enables CMOs to better socialize the need to advance the data agenda with the support of the full C-Suite to drive marketing success and growth."

Key findings include:

Marketers Don’t Fully Understand the Value of Consumer Data

  •     Only 44 percent of marketers indicated maturity with regards to proving ROI, measurement and attribution
  •     More than 50 percent of marketers are skeptical about making marketing decisions based on their current state of data

Lack of Data Capabilities Despite Strong Training and Investment

  •     Less than 30 percent of marketers have reached maturity with regards to data capabilities and skills
  •     Nearly 70 percent of marketers believe there is enough training available in their organization

Investment in Best-in-Class Data Technology is Important but Not Sufficient to Drive Data Maturity

  •     Companies investing in specific data orchestration tools (e.g., ID graph) are much more likely to be mature in marketing orchestration and attribution
  •     Leaders in martech do not outpace the general population at data analysis skills


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