October 15, 2005

Ethnic food gets turned on its ear with the release of the cookbook, Viva Mexican Food! These are the recipes of Martha Gonzalez Franco originally from Veracruz who currently lives in Mexico City. Martha's daughter Lilan Thiele has carefully translated the hand written recipes for the very first time going back for generations in her family. Together Lilan worked with her husband Peter Thiele to produce Viva Mexican Food.

"These are the real Mexican recipes bursting with fresh flavor to delight and amaze. You cannot even find at Mexican restaurants," says Lilan Thiele. Peter Thiele adds, "If you enjoy cooking, the recipes in Viva Mexican Food are fun to make and delicious to eat."

Recipes included are Chiles Rellenos, Pozole Rojo, Adobo, Mole De Olla, The Original Chile Con Carne, Pipian, and much more! All the recipes in Viva Mexican Food are authentic and original.

For more information at http://www.vivamexicanfood.com

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