July 21, 2007

Coors Brewing Company launched the second phase of its Coors Líderes campaign through a unique leadership development program being offered to Hispanic non-profits and partner organizations in five cities across the country.

According to Rafael Fantauzzi, Hispanic Corporate Relations Director for Coors Brewing Company, the Líderes Training Workshop Program is a four-hour training program based on a personalized assessment tool developed by The Gallup Organization called the Clifton StrengthsFinder. Based on years of research and behavioral studies, Gallup found that individuals who focus on their areas of greatest talent have the best opportunity of attaining personal and professional success.

Affiliates of national Latino organizations and Denver Hispanic community-based organizations were invited to take part in the Coors Líderes Training Workshop. The session, which took place at the Coors Engineering Center, included a three-hour Gallup training and a special one-hour segment on the latest practices in networking and relationship development with corporate America -- offered by Coors executives. It is estimated that more than 500 individuals will participate in this initiative. This leadership training program also will be offered in Dallas-Ft. Worth; Los Angeles; Washington, DC; and New York in 2007.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for Coors to provide capacity-building for our partnering Hispanic non-profits,” Fantauzzi said. “Providing professional development tools to Hispanic leaders across the country makes this program unique by increasing access to business development strategies, leadership tools, and networking.”

The Coors Líderes Training Workshop was piloted July 12th at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Conference in Chicago. LULAC is the oldest and largest Hispanic organization in the United States. More than thirty LULAC state directors participated in the leadership training.

“The Coors Líderes Training Workshop Program provided our affiliate organizations incredible access to leadership education,” said Rosa Rosales, president, LULAC. “Our board had established the need for professional development training for our state directors, and we are excited that Coors was able to provide this important tool that will help our affiliates continue to grow and succeed.”

Launched in June 2006, the Coors Líderes Program celebrates and supports leadership within the Hispanic community. The first phase of the campaign showcased national and local leaders in the Hispanic community through twelve print ads highlighting twenty Hispanic leaders during Hispanic Heritage month. This advertising campaign portrayed the diverse demographics represented in the U.S. Hispanic community and celebrated its leadership, biculturalism and bilingualism.

In addition to the five workshops, the 2007 Coors Líderes Program will roll out a second print advertising campaign during Hispanic Heritage month. The national and local Hispanic leaders highlighted in the campaign were chosen in part by Hispanic non-profits because these individuals embody the values of the organizations and because they represent the Hispanic community at large.

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