September 01, 2007

Fundación Azteca and Fundación Azteca America, organizations founded by Mexican entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas, join a group of the world's most influential leaders with the presentation of innovative commitments in the areas of education and poverty alleviation solutions in support of Latino communities in Mexico and the United States, respectively.

This is the first time that Fundación Azteca America will participate in the Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which was inaugurated today. Mexico's Fundación Azteca is returning for its second Annual Meeting, having presented an environmental project for sustainable development of the San Ignacio Lagoon to protect gray whales in 2006.

The US-based Fundación Azteca America has the goal of improving the life of US Latino residents in the areas of education, nutrition, health and ecology. The commitment presented this year centers on the education of US Latino residents, and will leverage the powerful communication assets of Azteca America, a US-based Spanish-language television network with local affiliates in 60 communities across the country.

“We are excited about exchanging ideas on how our non-profit organization can help improve lives in our Latino communities,” said Luis J. Echarte, Chairman of Fundación Azteca America and Azteca America.

This year, the Mexico-based Fundación Azteca presents a new poverty alleviation commitment directed at residents of rural Oaxaca.

In the past four years, Fundación Azteca has raised about $50 million through its Movimiento Azteca informational and fundraising program.

“As part of the Clinton Global Initiative, we can join forces with some of the most progressive groups in the world. We are committed to continued effort in support of Mexican society,” said Esteban Moctezuma, President of Fundación Azteca.

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