October 18, 2004

Martha Llamas is an inspiring woman who turned an American nightmare into an American dream.

At the young age of 22, Martha was trying to raise two young boys despite facing the harsh daily reality of physical and verbal abuse. One day in 1996 when Martha finally had enough, she told her boyfriend that she wanted out of the relationship. The violence escalated and Martha was shot in front of her youngest son, and left for dead by her boyfriend.

Fast forward eight years later; Martha is living the American dream. She has literally mopped her way up the corporate ladder and now runs a million dollar Jani-King Commercial Cleaning franchise near Phoenix, AZ. How did she do it? Llamas' mother, who worked for a local janitorial service, found her a job mopping floors at night. As an employee, Martha
gained the admiration and respect of her boss, her customers, and was eventually promoted to operations manager.

There is also a romantic twist to Martha's story. She met her fiance, Ron Puechner, while cleaning his cubicle. They soon realized that what began as a chance meeting led them to true love. And in 2002, Martha and Ron bought out the same cleaning company where she first began mopping floors.

Today, Martha spends most of her time running her successful business and spending time with her fiance and two growing sons. She also dedicates her time to nurturing and guiding women who have been affected by domestic violence. Her contribution gives these women hope that they too can reach the American dream.


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