September 01, 2007

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) announced that its employees and DJs from its MEGA 97.9 FM and Amor 93.1 FM radio stations will actively participate in the Seventh Annual Gladys Ricart and Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk on Wednesday, September 26 in New York. The march organized by the New York Latinas Against Domestic Violence (NYLADV), intended to raise awareness about domestic violence against women.

“For the seventh year in a row, women, who will be dressed in wedding gowns, and men, who will be donning black, will come together and march through the streets of Washington Heights, the South Bronx, and East Harlem to raise awareness about the devastating effects that domestic violence has on Latinos, their families, and their communities,” said Frank Flores, General Manager of Spanish Broadcasting System in New York. “We are proud that we can be a part of such a noble cause and to help generate awareness amongst the public.”

The Brides’ March, as it is commonly known, is an annual event that started in 2001 to remember Gladys Ricart, who was tragically murdered by an abusive ex-boyfriend on the very same day she was set to wed someone else. Today, the march honors those who have lost their lives and those who are threatened on a daily basis because of this terrible affliction.

We applaud the SBS New York activism! We should have more of this type of involvement from all of the companies in our Industry.

Encorage this type of behavior!


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