December 01, 2009

2010 Media Planning Excelencia Awards


Copy & paste the form into word processing software, fill-in the sections and send back via e-mail or fax to


Contact Information

Name: ____________________________

Agency: ____________________________

Date: ____________________________

Title: ____________________________

Phone: ____________________________

E-mail: ____________________________

Fax: ____________________________

Client: ____________________________

Product : ____________________________

Category (mark one): All submitted work will be reviewed by the judging panel and a winner will be selected in each category. The media plan can be an integrated plan. But, needs to have the category media vehicle as the lead vehicle to qualify for the respective category.

Best plan under $1 million ____

Cable TV ____

Direct Response ____

Internet ____

Magazines ____

Newspapers ____

Out of Home ____

Radio ____

TV ____

Timing (plan needs to have been implemented in 2009)

Marketing Objectives: (Provide the overall marketing challenges this plan needed to address (include campaign description, sales history, competitive pressure, etc.). Describe why these elements were deemed important to address in the channel planning process)

Media Objectives: (Explain how target audience insights and creative strategies were evaluated to develop a unifying platform from which the media plan was built)

Target: (Describe the target (beyond simply age/sex) and provide evidence of insights garnered from this target description and how this played a role in the plan development)

Summary of Media Plan ((including the following).)

o Illustrate how this media plan specifically sufficed the objectives set for this effort. Include overall results of the campaign.
o Include examples on how media was used creatively.
o Demonstrate novel applications of media tactics that were used.
o Describe how the media channel selected specifically contributed to the success of the delivering the plan objectives.
o Show how the plan effectively utilized the available media budget.

Total Media Budget (gross) _____________________

Results: (Please summarize the media plan in no more than two paragraphs)

Media Director: _________________________

Media Planner: _________________________

Media Buyer: _________________________


Contact: _________________________

Phone: _________________________

To verify information provided.

Note: *** Entry cannot exceed four pages *** Media Awards Rules:

All submission or entries must sent via e-mail as a PDF or WORD file.

Contestants must call to verify receipt of entry at 917-854-1706.

Any original Hispanic-targeted, consumer-oriented campaign that first aired or appeared in media in the U.S. during 2009 is eligible. Both Spanish-language and English-language media can be submitted.

Winners will be announced during the AHAA conference in Miami, FL, during the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies conference from October 6 - October 8, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL. . All winners will be chosen by a prestigious panel of judges consisting of media planning executives and members of the editorial team. and AHAA reserve the right to promote all winners.

All nominations, correspondence, e-mails and other forms of communications received in reference to these awards, are the sole property of and Hispanic Media Sales, Inc. All results are final. Hispanic Media Sales, Inc. or will not use them for any case studies without prior authorization.

All entry forms must be received no later than September 8, 2010 at 5pm eastern time.

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