January 21, 2006

Send in your nomination for the HispanicAd.com 2005 Media Planning Executive. The award will be bestowed at the 20th Association of Hispanic Agencies Semi Annual Conference on Thursday April 6, 2006 - Los Angeles, CA.

Honorees To Date of the HispanicAd.com Media Planning Executives:

Jim Irvine - Lopez Negrete Communications - 2004
Isabel Sanchez - The Bravo Group - 2003
Monica Gadsby - Tapestry - 2002
Edgar Cardoze - Dieste & Harmel Partners - 2001
Jessica Pantanini - Bromley Communications - 2000

We conduct a nominations process via e-mail through HispanicAd.com for one overall honoree.

To nominate for your "Media Planning Executive of the Year" CLICK below:


Nomination period is from 2/13/2006 to 3/10/2006.

Previous winners will not be eligible for nomination for two (2) years.

All voting is strictly confidential. HispanicAd.com adheres to strict privacy guidelines. All nominations, information and materials received / submitted for this award program are the sole property of HispanicAd.com and Hispanic Media Sales, Inc.


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