July 26, 2003

Below you will find the list of executives that have been nominated to date as potential candidates for the HispanicAd.com's 'Creative Director of the Year 2003' award to be given out at the Association of Hispanic advertising Agencies conference in Los Angeles in September 2003.

It time to vote ......

Pablo Buffagni - Conill
Maite D'Amico - cruz/kravetz:IDEAS
Mauricio Galvan - The Vidal Partnership
Laurence Klinger - Lapiz
Max Lefeld - Ornelas & Associates
Daniel Marrero - C.O.D
Jorge Moya - Reynardus & Moya
Paco Olavarrieta - OLE
Roberto Pedrozo - Conill
Fausto Sánchez - Publicis Sanchez & Levitan
Anita Santiago - Anita Santiago Advertising
Carlos Tourne - Dieste, Harmel & Partners
Ricardo Trejo - Mosaica
Emmie Vazquez - Zubi Advertising
Elias Weinstock - Casanova Pendrill

To vote CLICK below and enter your nominee:


The nomination process began on July 3, 2003 through August 8, 2003. Followed by a voting process that began on August 9, 2003 and ends on August 29, 2003.

All members and nonmembers of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies are eligible. Except those recipients of past HispanicAd.com awards, who must way two years before being eligible to the part of the nominations process for any other award.

Each nominee above received a minimum of 50 nominations.

All materials, e-mails, correspondence, trademarks and other pertinent communications about the HispanicAd.com awards programs are property of Hispanic Media Sales, Inc. All results are final.

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