August 20, 2005

We work 24/7 in advancing our careers working diligently at promoting the marketing value of our Hispanic communities.

When do we stop, think and act unselfishly to seriously help make an impact not on an advertisers' bottom line, but on the social fabric of our communities?

Is it that we care more about the mighty 'Peso Americano or our personal glory' that we cannot see the issues facing the people that make our marketing plans and our bottom lines work?

No don't stop reading ..........

Having enjoyed a 20 year plus career in the US Hispanic Market and also having access to a unique platform that helps build professional knowledge base of many in the Industry called and, we feel the need also to dedicate ourselves to also building social awareness among our readers about issues facing Latinos across the country and Puerto Rico.

We could not stop ourselves from exposing these issues, but then as many of you know, the family at and our sister publication in Puerto Rico, we have never been shy at calling it as we see it.

We are astonished at the lack of interest and involvement by many of the agencies, the professionals and the media that do not help the fight against:

- Aids among Latinos

- Violence to women and children in our communities

- The high school drop-out rate among Hispanics (didn't the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) have a program to help build awareness of the need for teachers to help educate our children called 'Futuramente"). Who killed this magnificent idea?

- The high pregnancy rate among un-married and under-aged Latinas

- The high incidence of Hispanic entering the foster care system

- The high incidence of Hispanics becoming the majority of the inmates in our prison system

- The high incidence of drug usage among Latinos

- The negative impact that gangs have on our Latino communities

It would be appropriate for the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies to rally for causes that do not benefit ad expenditure growth, creative awards and the selling of a products or services, but instead our CONSUMERS.

To every agency member of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, your collective power can help create change, by creating positive messages that the media will run.

Broadcasters have to earn the right to have their licenses renewed by the Federal Communications Commission, thus run PSAs and other community oriented messages and programming. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, cable TV, the internet and the outdoor industry ARE NOT sold out to the point that they cannot run a message of promise, inspiration, help and awareness building.

Some suggestion might be:

1- To have AHAA lobby the AD Council to reduce the requirements for inclusion of our messages under their charter.

2- Have AHAA be the nucleus for dissemination to the trades, the media and promote these efforts.

3- Have AHAA create a committee that would bring together all the pro-bono work on major social issues the agencies are doing and have a common goal and effort.

Dollars are spent, public relations blitzes, media weight pushed to do the PC (politically correct) thing. For what? To have a 'touchy feely' kind of thing for many to say that they are reaching out to Hispanics.

M!{RD@! we do not need you to show us that way. How about setting a month aside to promote and building social?

Remember that before they become a marketing target, they are humans being with aspiration, needs and goals.

A statement was made a couple of years ago "They are not prospect, but suspects", an ignorant statement by a media executive, but a true picture of the perception and acceptance in our media environment of Latino and African American consumers.

Let's help change that perception by helping better the lives and social fabric of our Latino communities.

We at and will offer extensive coverage to any agency, media or company that demonstrates an unselfish act of giving back to our community.

We want to see who can "Walk the Talk" on these issues. &


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