May 11, 2001

People en Español's 2nd Annual Hispanic Opinion Tracker 2001 TM (The HOT Study) asked Latinos all across the county to weigh in on their favorite stars. The results of the HOT Celebrity Monitor are in and some interesting trends emerge. The biggest stars according to Hispanics are noticeably from the Latin music world. Stars such as Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Marc Anthony and Luis Miguel dominated the music categories. Gloria remains the reigning champ in several categories, up-and-comer Fernando Colunga makes huge gains in popularity and the battle of the sexiest between J. Lo and Salma Hayek continues.

Overall Achievement in Music...

Powerhouse Gloria Estefan remains a sentimental favorite among Latinos, topping no less than five categories. Estefan was ranked number one in three categories including "Most Recognizable," Most Well-Liked" and Most Trustworthy." Gloria came in 2nd in the "Favorite Female Singer" category and placed 4th within the "Favorite Female Role Model" category.

Latin music remains a strong favorite among Hispanics. Marc Anthony tops the "Favorite Male Singers" list, followed by fellow Latinos Luis Miguel, Vicente Fernandez, Ricky Martin and Juan Gabriel. Celine Dion captured top honors in the "Favorite Female Singer" category, followed by Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, Shakira and Madonna.

And The Winners Are...

-- Salma Hayek emerges as the "Sexiest Female" celebrity, literally trading places with Jennifer Lopez who, although number one last year, moves down to number four this year. In addition to her sexy status, Hayek also landed in the top
rankings for "Favorite Actress," "Most Well-Liked" and "Most Trustworthy."

-- Actor Fernando Colunga rises dramatically in popularity to upset Ricky Martin (last year's male favorite) and to secure this year's "Sexiest Male" title. Colunga also made an impressive showing, netting top positions in the "Sexiest,"
"Most Well-Liked" and "Most Trustworthy" categories.

-- Oscar De La Hoya comes in at number one as the undisputed "Favorite Male Athlete."

-- Talk-show champ, Cristina Saralegui remains the "Favorite Female Talk Show Host."

-- "Favorite Male and Female News Anchors" are the duo of Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salina.

-- Antonio Banderas takes top honors in the "Favorite Actor" category, leading an Anglo cast of runner-ups including Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. Banderas also placed in the top ten for the "Most Well-Known" category.

-- Oscar-winner Julia Roberts takes 1st place in the "Favorite Actress" category, leading such actresses as Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore and Salma Hayek.

-- When asked to name their "Favorite Male and Female Role Models," respondents answered their Mother and Father!

Honorable mentions...

-- Jennifer Lopez gets a boost, taking 2nd place in the "Favorite Actress" category and landing the top ten of the "Sexiest" and "Most Well-Known" categories.

-- Beyond ranking within the top five "Male Singers," Ricky Martin makes the top ten for "Sexiest" and "Most Recognizable."

-- Maria Celeste Arraras also landed top honors in three categories including "Favorite Female Anchor" "Most Well-Liked" and "Most Trustworthy."

People en Español commissioned independent research firm NuStats International to conduct the HOT Study. NuStats surveyed Hispanics all across the country representing every socio-economic group, for a truly representative sample of the U.S. Hispanic population. NuStats interviewed over 1,600 self-identified Hispanics, ages 18 and over, by telephone. Of those respondents, nearly 500 submitted a follow-up written survey.

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