November 07, 2009

Tribune Company announced the creation of Tribune Hispanic, a cross-platform national media solutions group designed to help advertisers reach the growing Hispanic market through an array of products including print, online, television, mobile, out-out-of-home, digital signage, and events.

Tribune's four Spanish-language media properties--Hoy Chicago, Hoy Los Angeles, El Sentinel Orlando and el Sentinel South Florida are part of the Tribune Hispanic initiative, these newspapers will re-brand their entertainment sections as “ViveloHoy.” Special sections also will be created in conjunction with events such as the 2010 World Cup and the bicentennial anniversary of Mexico's independence.

“More than ever, national advertisers require innovative, consistent and engaging solutions to reach this unique consumer group,” said John Trainor, general manager of Hoy Chicago. “Our increased level of collaboration will shortly translate into more meaningful, efficient and consistent solutions our national advertisers can tap into.”

Tribune Hispanic capitalizes on a growing consumer market that covets its newspapers. Nationwide, Hispanic consumers will soon represent close to $1 trillion in purchasing power. Tribune research shows that 53% of Hispanic newspaper readers have been reading their favorite newspaper for three or more years; 63% of Hispanic newspaper readers frequently pay attention to the advertisements; and 55% of all Hispanic newspaper readers state they use coupons from the newspaper regularly.

“When you join the capabilities and reach of our four Spanish-language media businesses, you end up with a set of marketing solutions that makes us a stronger and more strategic partner for our advertisers,” said Roaldo Moran, general manager of Hoy Los Angeles.

“This combined effort should put Hoy and el Sentinel at the forefront of media buys and shows that Tribune is emerging as a force to contend with on the national Hispanic media landscape,” predicts Ariel Gonzalez, general sales manager for el Sentinel South Florida.


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