June 29, 2002

With the primary election less than 50 days away, Valley leaders urge the Hispanic Arizonans to make their votes count through a Public Service Campaign, "Tu Voto es Tu Voz" (Your Vote is Your Voice). Ray Arvizu, President/CEO of Arvizu Advertising and Promotions, funded and developed the campaign to increase awareness of the importance of voting within the fast-growing Hispanic community.

"Voting is a powerful right that should be exercised regularly by everyone," Ray Arvizu comments. Arvizu adds, "Of the 1.3 million Hispanics living in Arizona, only 304,000 are registered voters. Through this project it is my goal to come closer to closing this gap." Uniting with Arvizu's message are prominent community leaders such Secretary of State Betsey Bayless, Mary Rose Wilcox, Supervisor, Maricopa County District 5; Ben Arredondo, City of Tempe Councilmember; and Mary Rabago, local anchor for KTVW-TV Univision 33.

"Registering to vote is about exercising your power," said Secretary of State Betsey Bayless. "Choosing not to vote is like giving away the remote control and watching someone else's programs."

The campaign will address the importance of registering to vote and voting. It will consist of two commercials "Register to Vote" and "Get out to Vote". The Public Service Announcements (PSA) were created in Spanish and English to effectively communicate with all segments of the Hispanic community. In addition to TV, the "Tu Voto es Tu Voz " (Your Vote is Your Voice) campaign will include radio and print advertisements and PSAs.

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