May 25, 2003

Kenneth McClintock, Puerto Rico's Senate Minority Leader is appalled that the United States Census Bureau omitted 3.8 million U.S. citizens from its recently announced findings that Hispanics are the largest minority group.

"How can the U.S. Census Bureau be so reckless to forget close to 4 million American citizens who live in Puerto Rico?" McClintock said.

While the Census Bureau announced this week that Hispanic Americans numbered 38.8 million nationwide, the real total of Hispanic Americans already surpasses 42.6 million, including the more than 3.8 million Hispanic Americans residing in the United States territory of Puerto Rico. It has been under the American flag for 105 years next month and they have been American citizens for more than 86 years.

Mc Clintock continued "Ignorance about Puerto Rico's political status as America's oldest territory leads even United States Census publicists to allow more than 3.8 million Hispanics living there fall through the cracks, and our national media hasn't seemed to catch on to this massive "disappearance" of Americans!"

According to the Jones Act of 1917, which granted U.S. citizenship to Puerto Rico, these people are considered members of our nation. The 3.8 million American citizens can and have been called to serve in Americas wars, pay some federal taxes to the federal government but still have no representation despite that they are American citizens.

Senator Kenneth McClintock is a member of the Pro statehood New Progressive Party and has served in the Puerto Rico Senate since 1993. He now serves as Senate Minority Leader. Senator McClintock served as Chairman of the Council of State Governments 1999.

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