June 30, 2001

Homero Campos the former VP of Programming for Z-Spanish Radio, was sentenced to a 24-months probation and fined $15,000 for failing to report to the IRS $100,000 he received in record company kickbacks according The Los Angels Times. Campos worked for Z-Spanish in the Sacramento area. Campos admitted to receiving $15,000 from Fonovisa Records in return for airplay. Two senior executives at Fonovisa previously plead guilty to payola-related charges. Campos’ maximum sentence could have been three years in prison plus a fine of $250,000 if a plea agreement had not been reached earlier this year.

Based on the light sentence, is has been rumored that Mr. Campos along with Fonovisa executives are cooperating with investigators as they establish more incidents of payola with other programmers in the Hispanic Radio industry. Other industry insiders expect several other indictments shortly and the possibility of a mayor radio group head to be included in the indictments.

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