May 04, 2001

Access Worldwide Communications, Inc. announced that it has moved the headquarters for its TelAc Teleservices Group from Arlington, Virginia to Hyattsville, Maryland, effective May 29.

The new site was opened 20 miles from its previous location to enable the Company to reduce its selling, general and administrative expenses while retaining the bulk of its staff. More than 65% of the residents located near the new site are African American, Hispanic or Asian, allowing the Company to attract the multicultural workforce needed to provide multilingual teleservices. The Company has an expertise in reaching the growing multicultural markets and has provided customer services in multiple languages, including Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Approximately 500 employees are working at the 24,000 square foot communications center, performing a variety of sales and marketing programs for clients in the telecommunications, insurance, financial services and consumer products industries. Services include inbound and outbound customer service and customer recruitment and database maintenance.

The new center is located in the Prince George's Center, Metro One Building, 6505 Belcrest Road, Suite 100, Hyattsville, MD 20782. The phone number is 240-582-0100. The fax number is 240-582-0134. An existing Rosslyn, Virginia, communications center will remain at its current location.

"We have opened a state-of-the-art center that has the capacity to reach up to 20,000 households daily with inbound and outbound teleservices programs," remarked Georges Andre, President of Access Worldwide's TelAc Teleservices Group. "In addition to the financial benefits, the new site is clearly a showcase of our multicultural expertise and solidifies our position as an award-winning marketing operation."

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