January 06, 2001

Interep's latest research report, "Profiles on the Core Users of the Major Media," shows that adults 18-44 tend to be heavier users of radio than any other medium, while on-line scores highest across all 25 to 54 age cells.

The report utilizes 2000 data from Mediamark Research to compare the heavy users of each medium across various demographic and qualitative criteria. Media analyzed include radio, on-line services, television, cable and magazines. ("Heavy" is defined as Quintile I or II usage levels, or daily usage for on-line.)

Michele Skettino, VP/Marketing Communications, said, "Since the introduction of the Internet and various other media options, it is important that we continue to track who is using each medium, and to what degree. In this way, we can best advise marketers on the inherent strengths and complementary benefits the major media."

Key findings from the report:

-- Adults 18-24 are 27% more likely to be heavy users of radio than the average adult, Adults 25-34 are 16% more likely, and Adults 35-44 10% more likely.

-- On-line media shows its highest concentration of heavy users in the 25-54 age range.

-- Television's highest concentration of heavy users is among Adults 55+, while newspaper's is among Adults 45+.

-- All media, including on-line, now show a balanced gender skew among heavy users.

-- African-Americans are more likely than the average adult to be heavy users of radio, television, cable and magazines.

-- Hispanics only show above average usage levels for radio.

-- Heavy newspaper readers are most concentrated in the Northeast, while heavy on-line users index highest in the West.

-- Working women show the highest heavy usage indices for on-line services, magazines and radio.

For more information at http://www.interep.com.

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