December 08, 2000

According to Nielsen's Los Angeles Hispanic Station Index (NHSI) ratings service, Telemundo's L.A. owned and operated station KVEA-TV finished 2000 as it had been building all year long, with major ratings gains against Univision owned and operated KMEX-TV.

And to further prove the growth of the Telemundo audience in Los Angeles, Nielsen's NSI service, subscribed to by every station, shows KVEA among the leaders in various time periods including the heavily competitive talk and news categories. KVEA often finishes ahead of some of English language programming, especially in younger demos.
KVEA-TV completed a year-long sweep of growing demo ratings, as November data was released earlier this week. The November results are even more compelling for the station considering that the November '99 survey was the start of the ratings climb for KVEA, where results were already on the increase.

KVEA's November '00 NHSI results are as follows for three major demos, Persons 18-49, Women 18-49 and Men 18-49, with the percentage gains over the November '99 results (All shares of viewing refer to L.A. NHSI viewing to Spanish broadcast stations):

Mon-Fri 4p-6p
Nov '00 Share

Early Fringe

P18-49 38% + 37%
W18-49 37% + 76%
M18-49 40% + 33%

KMEX lost 20 share points in W18-49 and is 2nd to KVEA in M18-49 in this time period. All 3 demos deliver under 50% share for KMEX, with M18-49 at 38%. KVEA's Laura en America at 4p, which tied KMEX's Cristina (also at 4p) in households, had more people watching, as the show defeated Cristina in nearly every demo.

Mon-Fri 6p-630p
Nov '00 Share

Early News

P18-49 26% + 18%
W18-49 22% + 38%
M18-49 30% + 3%

KMEX lost 7 share points in W18-49 and 4 share points overall from year to year. Their P18-49 rating went down 2 points, from 8.9 a year ago to 6.9 this November.

Mon-Fri 7p-11p
Nov '00 Share

Prime Time

P18-49 23% + 64%
W18-49 21% + 75%
M18-49 27% + 59%

KVEA provides a more balanced audience with its novela line up than does KMEX, which is heavy female, and even then, KMEX is down 2 share points in the female demo. KVEA's hit novela, Betty la Fea, led the station's ratings climb, with as much as a 280% increase in share of viewing.

Mon-Fri 11p-1130p
Nov '00 Share

Late Local News

P18-49 28% + 180%
W18-49 24% + 167%
M18-49 34% + 143%

Among late news programs, KVEA's Noticiero 52 more than doubles its audience year-to-year in each demo while KMEX's Noticias 34 drops as much as 18 share points and 3 rating points.

Mon-Fri 1130p-230a
Nov '00 Share

Late Fringe

P18-49 32% + 100%
W18-49 29% + 82%
M18-49 36% + 125%

Last year, KVEA's late night shares were under 20. The advent of Laura en America in late fringe doubles the station's share of adults and more than doubles the male audience share.

Mon-Sun 7a-1a
Nov '00 Share


P18-49 25% + 32%
W18-49 22% + 57%
M18-49 30% + 20%

KVEA is the only Spanish language station to increase its share of viewing in each of the demos, up by 57% in Women 18-49. Both KMEX and KWHY lost share of the viewing to KVEA. KMEX lost the most in women (down 6 share points), usually a strong performer for them, and KWHY lost the most in males (down 9 share points), also a usually strong performer for them. KVEA was the station that took share points away from all the competition.

In the general market service (NSI) that all stations use to determine their viewing levels, KVEA once again was crowned the fastest growing station in Los Angeles and the number one station in some key areas:

· KVEA's daytime talk show, Laura en America (Mon-Fri 4pm) is the #1 program for the time period in all demos. Laura also is the #1 daytime talk show in Los Angeles in nearly all demos, besting the likes of Oprah Winfrey (KABC, 3p), Rosie O'Donnell (KNBC, 3p), Live with Regis (KABC, 9a), and Cristina (KMEX, 4p) and Laura is firmly installed as one of LA's favorite talk show hosts.

· KVEA's local news lead-in, newsmagazine Ocurrió Así (Mon-Fri 5p) is by far the #1 program in the time period among all male demos and ranks as one of the most popular programs among adult demos, ahead of most of the competition, including KABC's, KNBC's and KCBS's early local news.

· KVEA's 6pm local newscast (Mon-Fri 6p) beat the English language counterparts on KABC, KNBC and KCBS in adults, women and men 18-34. Additionally, Noticiero 52 defeated CBS2 News in every demo.

· In Prime Time (M-F 8p-11p), KVEA's novela line up skews decidedly younger, finishing ahead of such young-skewing network affiliates as WB (KTLA) and UPN (KCOP).

· KVEA's Sign-on/Sign-off Share of Viewing (Mon-Sun 7a-1a) matches or beats KCAL and KCOP in most demos and especially skewing younger (persons, women and men 18-34). Additionally, KVEA's share growth is the largest of any of the local stations, doubling its share over November '99 in many key demos.

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