January 19, 2001

The Annual Premio Lo Nuestro a La Música Latina demonstrated once again last week not only that is it the longest-running Latin music awards show on American television, but also that it is the
most watched.

The 13th edition of the show, which aired Feb. 8, garnered an overall Hispanic rating of 29.7, versus 18.2 for CBS' Latin Grammy's and 7.9 for Telemundo's Billboard Latin Music Awards. According to the Nielsen Hispanic Television Index, Premio's rating -- a 13 percent increase over its own showing of last year - means that a record 2.65 million households in the U.S. tuned in to the event, produced and broadcast live by Spanish-language Univision Network.

All in all, Premio Lo Nuestro delivered over 2.5 million adults 18-49 and over 1.8 million persons 12-34, outperforming last year's award show by 40 percent in the first category, 41 percent in the second. Premio also broke another record in delivering more than one million men 18-49 -- an increase of 107,000 over last year's figures.

Premio's performance was way ahead of its competitors in every age category as well. Among persons 18-24, for example, Premio's viewership was 562,000 to the Latin Grammy's 219,000 and the Billboard Latin's 162,000. In the 35-49 age group, those figures soared to 1.04 million for Premio versus 725,000 for the Latin Grammy's and 264,000 for the Billboard Latin.

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