July 13, 2008

An old print reliable adapts to digital.

With Google dominating online search, where does that leave the Yellow Pages? The traditional business phone directory of choice has been growing revenues with its online version, especially among adults of an age to remember when it was the first step in phone searches.

More than six out of 10 Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) users in the US in 2007 were female, according to recently released full-year comScore data produced for the Yellow Pages Association (YPA).

The overwhelming majority (89%) of users were ages 25 to 64, which was disproportionate to their numbers in the general population. Younger users clearly chose other sources for most of their searching.

Moreover, the online Yellow Pages are a favorite for small-business listings, and local online ad revenues have seen double-digit growth every year since 1992, according to Borrell Associates.

"Online usage through IYP and local search is growing," said Rod Diefendorf, vice president at Idearc Media, sponsor of the YPA "Local Search Guide," in a statement.

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