Agencies are in the service business. But you wouldn’t know it by calling a dozen agencies. Many of them will let your call ring until it rolls over to a general mailbox. And once you leave a message in that abyss, who knows whatever happens to it after that? Maybe someone will get back to you in a couple of business days? What kind of first impression is that?  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

There is a controversy brewing in the Orlando Market in Florida, where a COX Radio is required to sell one of their FM radio stations by law based on the number of radio station they own in the market, they don’t feel they have the price they want during the required sell-off period dictated by the Federal Communication Commission and Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) has placed a viable offer to purchase the radio station above the current valuation of the Orlando FM station on the table.

Advertisers and marketers share a common goal: to understand the consumer path to purchase after seeing an ad or hearing about a brand.

U.S. consumers once again have proven themselves to be highly resilient and adaptive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their buying behaviors have evolved quickly and dramatically to address new priorities and limitations, with consumer spending growing solidly in most categories, according to a new report just published by the CMO Council.

Marcela Gómez, the founding partner of the Culture Shift Team, talks about the importance of culture and innovation and the future of multicultural marketing on this episode of The New Mainstream podcast. As the head of CST’s multicultural marketing and public relations division, Marcela has worked with universities, public utilities, packaged goods companies, consumer, corporate, nonprofit, and business-to-business clients in transportation, education, government, banking, and health care.

Undeterred, SBS moved ahead with making three all-cash offers, the final offer coming in ahead of the highest appraisal value presented by Bond & Pecaro.  By Adam Jacobson - Editor in Chief

mitú released the first of a series of studies titled The mitú InTell Series. The studies aim to gain and socialize insights on the current state of the U.S. Hispanic community while digging deeper into their motivations and behaviors behind topics ranging from health and wellness to finance, sports, food, commerce, and travel.

You can’t deem yourself a thought leader. The market does that for you, and it only does that for you after you prolifically share ideas and stories that make people pause, follow, and share. Thought leaders also must have the experience -- the cred -- to validate their ideas. And finally, they should have a healthy mix of humility and pride.  by Mariela Azcuy

With sustainability top of mind for many consumers, brands will need to improve communication to better connect with their customers’ values.

Is it wrong to wish on space hardware? So sang Billy Bragg in 1985 and his question was prescient: the 1990s saw a flurry of satellite activity with very smart people jumping into the space game with the dream of delivering broadband data to the underserved masses. Sound familiar at all?

As the global benchmark of creative excellence, what can the winners at Cannes teach brands? The winning features of creative brand storytelling.

Imagination is more than artistic flair or aesthetic virtuosity. It is a way of working built from the ground up, with a set of structures, processes, and practices that enable business leaders to apprehend, understand and react to the marketplace in smarter, more original, and more impactful ways.

Today, consumers and brands are navigating the merging worlds of physical and digital retail.

Captura Group named Elba Intriago as Vice President of Client Partnerships.